27 thoughts on “김종국, 윤은혜 공격에 멘붕 @런닝맨 Running man 140525

  1. 신혜정 님 그럼 보지말든가요 님 김종국좋아함? 님이 런닝맨에서좋아하는사람있으면 그 사람꺼 따면어쩔껀데? 존나 무개념이내 그렇게싫으면 보지말든지 존나 ㅅㅂ 학교가서 공부더하고와라 무개념새끼야

  2. Please don't focus on yooneunhye anymore, it seems jong kook oppa don't want to hear that …. And I know oppa got hurt of his two legs and left arm , so he can't do it well in this game ..please ask him tack care of himself , don't get hurt anymore , we can understand his situation , no need play game without care of his body!!!

  3. I hope everyone realizes that it's not anyone in RM that started saying YEH's name on this clip, the public did, and I guess it showed how effective it still worked for YEH lol

  4. Jong Kook seemed uncomfortable and unpleased when everybody called Yoon Eun Hye!!! I guess he doesn't like her any more

  5.  I wish they stopped all of these YEH things. I'm kinda tired of hearing her name on RM just to tease KJK and make him distracted/ lose his temper. A few times are ok, but now it's too much. And YEH on RM? Better not until all of these teases are over. Or it will be an episode of just teasing KJK and YEH things and focuses on their past love-line and their interactions.

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