1600 Attack Range 7.23 Real Sniper Ballista Item 22 Kills | Dota 2 Silly Builds

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47 thoughts on “1600 Attack Range 7.23 Real Sniper Ballista Item 22 Kills | Dota 2 Silly Builds

  1. At @9:13 he change to attacking lc without clicking him, lc was not even at the screen when this sniper change to attacking him

  2. wouldn't the Apex have been better on Riki? And why was the woodland striders on him? wasted. Riki's damage would have been more than tripled with the Apex considering backstab damage. the neutral item placement for radiant side seems really greedy. like they must not have traded them at all. Only way I can see that happening. LC finds Apex, and since he keeps it, Riki keeps the striders he found after~~ is what i'm guessing what happened. I mean, yall have actually useful tier 5 neutral items for your heroes…whereas the tier 5 neutral items on their team makes no sense whatsoever. literally the only hero on their team that has a passive bonus primary attribute scaling is Rikimaru, and he's not given the Apex when it drops. GREEDY AF. You have a Silencer or OD on your team? Give them the apex. Rikimaru is the same way. Just fucking stupid.

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