18 Day Test Drive – Apple AirPods Pro Review w/ Powerbeats Pro, Studio3 & AirPods Comparison!

So are the Apple AirPods Pro any good? They’re better than the stock AirPods, the Jabra Active Elite 65t, every other non-Apple bluetooth headphones, better than my Beats Studio 3.0’s in certain circumstances but I’m not sure if they’re better than my Powerbeats Pro.

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In this video, I’m going to talk about using the AirPods Pro and comparing them against other Apple products while using them at work, while gaming, while exercising, I’ll do a quick buyers guide comparison and I’m going to start it all off with WHY YOU SHOULDN’T get the AirPods Pro.

So the defining feature of the Apple AirPods Pro from my perspective is the noise cancelling feature. If you don’t need it, then you can save yourself a few bucks and get the regular Apple AirPods.

So how do they do in the office?

Here’s how I’d rank the different headphones when it comes to office use. Studio 3’s come out on top in this list, followed by the AirPod Pro’s, regular AirPod’s, Powerbeats Pro and then in far last place, the Jabra’s.

I found using the AirPod Pro’s the same as the regular AirPods in the office which can be described with two words “occasionally annoying”.

Why? Because anytime I have to talk to anybody, one AirPod’s has to come out. Given the deeper fit of the earbuds, it’s quite difficult to hear anything even when you turn ANC off.

Now I’d take the AirPod Pro’s over the Powerbeat Pro’s for the same reason. The ear hook on the Powerbeat Pro’s gets tiresome to deal with after a while.

I personally still like my over-ear Beat Studio 3’s for the office because they come on and off easily, are on my person all the time so I don’t have to worry about losing one of the buds.

So how do they do while gaming?

When it comes to gaming, the AirPod Pro’s take the top spot, followed by the Studio 3 and Powerbeats Pro, regular AirPod’s and in last place, the Jabra’s.

So for this review, I primarily used them while playing Episode 3 of the The Long Dark as well as pwning noobs in Call of Duty Mobile.

The Apple AirPods Pro were incredible for both games. I’ll start with The Long Dark which I play on my laptop using my eGPU. As I mentioned earlier, the ANC on the Pro’s was able to remove all the background noise coming from my Sonnet eGPU.

The ANC on the Apple AirPod Pro’s really added to the gaming experience of the game by making it more immersive. Playing the game with the AirPod Pro’s made me appreciate the sound of the snow crunching under my boots, the crackle of the fires and the echos of the occasional gunshot.

Now using my Powerbeat Pro’s while playing TLD resulted in a similar experience. If I listened hard enough, I can hear the eGPU but it’s hard to pick out, especially when trying to fight a bear.

The Studio3’s noise cancelling couldn’t keep up with the constant change in background noise from the eGPU. There was always something in the background that was annoying to listen to.

There was nothing special with the regular AirPod’s and playing TLD with my Jabra Active Elite 65t’s was terrible as they had to come out after 30 minutes.

The same also goes for COD Mobile but to a lesser extent. COD Mobile goes at a much faster pace so you don’t really have time to stop and listen to sounds. For me, my audio experience was the same with the Powerbeats Pro, AirPod Pro’s and the Studio 3’s. It didn’t feel like one set of headphones was significantly better than the others when I was running around pwning noobs.

So how about the gym?

The best workout headphones? The Powerbeats Pro. Hands down. The AirPod Pro’s fared better than the regular AirPods and Jabra’s and no-normal person should workout with the Studio 3’s. Honestly, why would anybody wear ear-muffs when you workout?

If you’re running, doing basic gymnastic movements and a lot of functional movements, you can’t beat the staying power of the ear hooks on the Powerbeats Pro. If you need the full story, check out my full Powerbeats Pro review.

But if you’re more into being “InstaFit”, then you don’t need that extra staying power for your kipping bicep curls, your bench press twitches and your bent over DB flails. So the AirPod Pro’s might work out for you. Or anything else.
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42 thoughts on “18 Day Test Drive – Apple AirPods Pro Review w/ Powerbeats Pro, Studio3 & AirPods Comparison!

  1. You can't mock other people in fitness while doing those silly cross-fit "pull-ups" lol. Anyways, I love my Powerbeats Pro for the gym. The airpods pro would definitely fall out of my ear.

  2. When you have big headphones on people are less likely to bother you or try to talk to you . Unlike when you hand the AirPods in and people can’t tell your wearing them .

  3. I bought the PBP and i am so loving it. I run and workout so beats is better. And also the battery life is Superb even for calling it last long.

  4. This guy hears white noise during ANC? Sorry – that doesn’t happen – he must have a case of Tinnitus, not good for a earbud reviewer!

  5. Oh my goodness I'm named after his dog…i knew it mom! Lol. How come you just don't use the transparency mode to speak to people? Apparently it's pretty natural.

  6. MobileReviewsEh – they are not better than your Powerbeats pro, I know you want them to be, to justify spending $250.00 on AirPods Pro's when you already had the better product, but live and learn.

  7. Good review. You make a convincing case. I didn't see the Jaybird Vista; they are definitely worth a look, especially for the gym.

  8. This is a superb review! Fantastic and far more in depth and realistic than most other reviews of the AirPods pro I’ve come across.

  9. Really love how in depth you get with different scenarios. You're always my go-to guy for headphone reviews. Keep it up man!

  10. Powerbeats Pro have much better sound quality than the AirPods Pro. Unless you need/want a portable front pocket case, I'd suggest the PBP instead.

  11. Airpod pro is decent at the gym . They don't fall out and easy to clean. But power bear pro is better imo. Outside of the gym airpod pro all the way if your in that ecosystem

  12. Just got my new AirPods Pro a day or two ago. At the moment I can't use the noise cancelling on the go as I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I'm too afraid of losing battery life if I upgrade to iOS13.2xxx. But I have an iPadAir 3 and it works really well. I have a Chinese wife and she and her friends talk really loud and it's normally difficult to hear anything on my cheap over the earphones or AirPod Pros on normal, but switch on Noise Canceling…WOW. What a difference. Super pleased.

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