20 Apple Watch TRICKS Every User Should Know !

20 Apple Watch tips and tricks that every Apple Watch user should know and use on their Apple Watch on WatchOS 6.

Apple Watch tips and tricks to get the best out of your Apple Watch. These tips and tricks will make your life easier using your Apple Watch and help you have a better experience using it.

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26 thoughts on “20 Apple Watch TRICKS Every User Should Know !

  1. Excellent video. There was quite a few I didn’t know but the double press of the crown is a Game changer for me. Simple but very effective for my day to day use. Thank you 👌🏾

  2. Once a deleted text on your iphone but still on your Apple Watch. How can you forward the text on your watch back to the iphone.

  3. How can I delete more than one message in the message app. I have it to mirror my phone but it never deletes messages off my watch when I delete them off my phone

  4. Well done. There were actually several I didn’t know – and that is rare for me – so thank you! FYI – you can swipe between Apple Watch faces without force touch. Just swipe from the very edge of the screen

  5. Very good tricks. Some of them I really didn't know. Just one correction: to make Mickey and Minnie Mouse talk, it's enough to tap watch face only with one finger, and no need to hold.

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