29 thoughts on “£200 Epiphone Vs £3000 Taylor Guitar Tone Comparison

  1. comparing a $ 3000 guitar with a $ 200 guitar is absurd, it would be normal to compare guitars that are at the same price

  2. I was thinking of getting a Taylor 414ce-R v class. Do you think it’s a good guitar? It’s my first guitar.

  3. I was getting upset with my guitar progress until I changed my strings. So the strings and guitar would make one sound a wholeeeee lot better.

  4. I would definitely recommend the Epiphone for a newer guitarist who wants an acoustic with a professional sound! I love mine a ton, and if you can find one for a good price, get it! You won’t regret it.

  5. -First song sounded like Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out by Jimmy Cox/Derek and the Dominos.
    -Second song sounded like Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore

  6. I have an Epi Hummingbird, and a big bucks Maton ECW80C, both with pro setups done, and I will go for the Epi just about every time. Great tone and playability, and the build quality/ finish is superb for the price. The only thing I don't like about the Epiphone is the narrower nut width, with 1 5/8" as compared to 1 3/4" on the genuine article, but that's only because of my sausage like fingers.

  7. For 3k plus you would expect a great sound, but Epiphones are fantastic quality, playability, and value for the money. I have a Epiphone Texan and I love it to bits.

  8. There are some wonderful entry and mid-priced Taylors. I started playing a year and a half ago, and practice an average of 2 hours a day, every day. For the first 6 months I played a $300 Fender dreadnought with a solid spruce top, that was good enough to make me realize I really wanted to keep playing, but after a while I came to realize that the sound was both limited and limiting. So I bought a $1,000 Taylor K214c, with a solid top and composite Koa sides. I really, really recommend that guitar for anyone who is at a comparable point on the learning curve. It is super easy to fret, has wonderful tone and sustain, and is a fantastic quality/price ratio. I feel that I am improving rapidly but it will be YEARS before I outgrow my Taylor — it’s just a great guitar. I just change the strings every 6 weeks or so, and that more than anything keeps it ringing beautifully.

  9. Very interesting LJ, that Taylor is beautiful. I must say the epiphone is great value, I have a Seagull S6 that I bought second hand and I love it.

  10. Next time dont tell us the which guitar costs the most and the least because our brain automatically makes what we know is the more expensive one to sound better if u get me

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