26 thoughts on “2019 HONDA CB1000R | REVIEW

  1. I think its a bit dangerous to be talking about bikes on the side road, which doesn't have much side for you to be. Just need an idiot to take you out. Ride safe mate.

  2. This was a really good review. Subbed!

    I currently own a Z1000. It's a great bike, with strong torque at low revs. I do a lot of commuting with it now, but I'm looking for something a little more sensible. The CB1000R looks like it'll be my next bike as the Z doesn't vibe with me any more, and the different power settings on the CB makes it a good daily commuter yet exciting enough for spirited riding on the weekends.

  3. Yooo, Motoman!!! How do u rate this one campared to the MT-10 you did a 2 day test on.
    Is it a good option for a guy like me that doesn’t want the die just yet? 😅
    I guess it’s a bit easier to handle than the 10, but is a MT-09 more fun.
    I’d love the 10, BUUUUT…

  4. Man, fuck the baht and how high it is right now! This might be the first year in 8 years i spend my winter in a different place. I love Chiang Mai but it's just not worth it anymore.

  5. So I have a question, for anyone to answer if they have ridden this bike. How effective is the performance, torque control, and engine braking at changing how the bike handles? I have some experience on dirt. However, I am trying to transition toward street. What I guess I am really trying to ask is, could someone buy this bike, set the performance to low, and eventually grow into the bike? Thanks a lot!!

  6. You’ve got the light in “gear” indicator mode, it’s a different colour for every gear. It can be changed to show other things or turned off. So it’s red for 2nd gear !!

  7. Thanks for the review man.
    I was looking into buying this or a Ducati again. That was last year and the sales service at Honda in CNX sucked. So i went with a Ducati M1100 Evo and i'm happy i made this choice. In performance mode with pipes and K&N filters this is a what i wanted. 
    Still loking forward to meet up one day. Cheers.

  8. Great vid and great review! Thanks for answering my question about the suspension! I have an FZ09 right now and I love it. As of right now, CB1000R is top of my list for next bike.

  9. Great review. Honda seem to always make ‘vanilla’ bikes. Unlike your reviews, that are always entertaining.
    For quality though, Honda are right up there.

  10. Another great video mate. I think I’ll go for the MT10 next (currently on MT09!). Also I’m in Koh Samui next year. Do you know if there are places that rent MT10s out? Cheers bro. Stay safe.

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