2019 iPad Mini 5 Review with Apple Pencil

Hey, guys. I hope all is well. Today, we are reviewing the 2019 iPad Mini. This is the 5th generation iPad Mini and it’s packing a lot of power this time around. We will be covering the new iPad Mini from the standpoint of the creative professional. We will take an in-depth look at the scale and size of the iPad Mini. We will talk about the updated Retina Display with True Tone and the P3 Wide Color Gamut. We will check out how the 2019 iPad Mini performs for creation with the A12 Chipset in software like Procreate, Artstudio Pro, Clip Studio Paint and more with the new first generation Apple Pencil Support. In today’s review, we will go over a verity of use cases for the new iPad Mini and we will see if and how the updates that are implemented make an impact. So, let’s get into it. Let’s see how the 2019 iPad Mini holds up. #iPadMini #ApplePencil #iPadMini5

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21 thoughts on “2019 iPad Mini 5 Review with Apple Pencil

  1. I don't want to have to lug around both an iPad and an iPhone.
    I would much rather have the functions of an iPhone and an iPad in ONE DEVICE.
    So I want Apple and the Cellphone carriers to support having
    and iPad that can make phone calls just like an iPhone.
    In fact, I want an iPad-iPhone.

  2. Man I really love the review. I already told my parents that my Ipad 5th Gen is somewhat Broken and laggy and
    They decided to buy me an IPad they asked me what I would want and I always loved The iPad’s mini. We‘re also not rich
    So buying an iPad Pro wouldn’t be an option. I use my iPad or I try to Make Film/videos Presentations for my school, and my
    teachers are always impressed. I use Lumafusion, how is it on the iPad mini 5?

  3. Thanks for the video, is the most useful one that I had seen about the iPad mini, you answered pretty much all my questions about the device, awesome!

  4. Hi, really great review! Can an iPad Mini 5 (with Bluetooth keyboard and Apple Pencil) replace a laptop for a university student in your opinion?

  5. Hi, great video. Can you please make one separate video on iPad mini's usability for music production apps? There is hardly any video in YouTube on this topic. Music apps and synthesizers contain lot of controls on the screen and that's why the screen size is a critical factor. Other than garageband, it will be great if you can show apps like Beatmaker 3, Korg Gadget, Synth One, Fugue Machine, etc on iPad mini. Thanks in advance.

  6. I just won a ipad pro 10.5 256gb for 450.00 with a logitech keyboard and a apple pencil, after watching your review I want to get this. I will just test them both and keep one I guess.

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  8. Hey cladio really good video haven’t seen drawing like this done on a iPad mini.
    Thinking of getting one, can’t decide on the storage, which one did I get?

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  10. Because of you I am now questioning my self again! Ipad pro 2017, Ipad air and the mini. The pro one is still expensive in my country -.- and between the air one is like a €100 difference. I was settling for the air D: but now the mini looks like a good investment.

  11. I have been debating which one should i get between 11 n 12.9 pro for digital art. And now you make me want this Mini. It's so cute ! If I already have an iPad, this would be my complement one. Great review!

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