2019 vs 2017 13″ Base MacBook Pro – Full Comparison

How much better is the new 2019 base 13″ MacBook Pro than the 2017 function keys model?
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The new 2019 13″ MacBook Pro for $1299 is an amazing deal, considering it now packs the Touch Bar, T2 chip, Touch ID and a 1.4GHz quad-core processor!

We were seriously impressed with the improvement and the benchmark scores that rivaled the 2018 $1799 13″ MacBook Pro!

Keyboard Comparison – 0:52
Touch Bar & Design – 1:30
New Features – 1:57
General Spec Differences – 2:38
Speaker Comparison – 3:02
FaceTime Webcam Comparison – 3:51
Performance Comparison – 4:13
The VERDICT – 5:12

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48 thoughts on “2019 vs 2017 13″ Base MacBook Pro – Full Comparison

  1. But it's not the same price. The 2017 MBP is being sold all over the internet for hundreds less than $1299. Costco, Micro Center, Best Buy…they all have them priced to move. So your comparison is not apples to apples.

  2. I bought the MacBook 2017 in June 2019 cuz I didn't want the Touch Bar and then the 2019 model was out and now I feel terrible 🙁

  3. I would like to know which one would work best for a digital illustrator working most with adoce creative suite Photoshop and Painter with a Cintiq 16in. Any comment or recommendation?

  4. Pls help! How long should I wait for the new macbook pro with older keyboard? Or should I not wait and purchase one already and get the keyboard replaced later on? Please help.

  5. What MacBook 2019 13 to choose? I will go for 16GB + 256GB SSD configuratione, but unsure for processor. 2 or 4 ports version? Any advice, pros/cons, is 4 port worth extra money?

  6. Does it make sense to buy the 2017 base model instead of the newer one if it is 20% off? I really can't decide whether to pay full price for the newest model or not. Not using it for productivity, so I don't need the newest processor, but the old keyboard still worries me.

  7. For the same price at $1299, you are comparing 2019, 128 GB SSD MBP with 2017, 256 GB SSD MBP, apple vs orange. The 256 GB SSD 0f 2019 MBP actually costs $200~$300 more. Microcenter lately sold 2017 256 GB SSD MBP for under $1100.

  8. Please stop misleading viewers! When you compare like for like, the MacBook pro 2017 v 2019 ( to include storage!) There is at least a £400 difference between the machines. The difference is even greater if you purchase the 2.4 ghz MacBook Pro 2019.

  9. What a shame. They could lower the price by offering function keys, which I always use for my workflow. Its OK, I'll use it with an external keyboard, since I also need the numpad.

  10. It is very easy to compare 2019/2017 MacBook pro but don't forget that both serve the same purpose. the important thing is to get an affordable and quality Macbook pro. i have a computer store i can recommend. they have what ever type/version of Macbook pro you need. check them out here: https://www.upgradedcomputers.com/home

  11. I really wanna get the 2019 model but in Denmark we have to pay a high VAT, so It's a little bit more exspensive, and they have also lowered the prices on the 2017 model so I don't really know :/

  12. Can you try rendering in Adobe Premiere? I know that macOS is not optimized for Premiere but I would really like to see the results.

  13. I’m so pissed. I recently bought a 2018 MacBook Air late February 2018. I want to trade it in- .. but.. I heard you only get €500 off.

  14. Great video, but I would love to hear about the idle and stress test temperatures of the new base model 13" laptop. I'm really interested in this machine and am seriously considering to switch to it from a desktop PC since I want to be more portable, but I'm really afraid of the high temps, especially since this new model has a shrunken heatsink. However it might be balanced out by lower base clock speed… not sure…

  15. Can someone please tell me why they all are comparing 2017 with 2019 and not 2018 vs 2019? I'm a bit confused please educate me.

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