Apple HomePod | 1 Year Later

The Apple HomePod is one of the most impressive speakers for its size. But can it compete its smarts against its competitors like Google Home and Amazon Alexa?

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21 thoughts on “Apple HomePod | 1 Year Later

  1. Camp Cookery

    Can you use the speaker, just as a speaker and not have Siri listening all the time? I'm really not keen on privacy violations but would like an integrated speaker like that.

  2. Mike O'Driscoll

    I think I’ll buy one for my studio apartment. Although knowing my my luck Apple will come out with a HomePod 2 or something

  3. Rosangela Sena

    I don’t remember exactly when I bought mine, but I love it so much that I bought another one for my living room

  4. brighton dude

    I just bought one recently because of the fabulous sound quality for such a small device. I am waiting now to see if Apple develops the HomePod in some way before I buy more. I would really like four or five for my whole house, but I'll wait to see if HomePod 2 comes out or if there is obvious signs of commitment to the HomePod before I would buy more.

    Just because I like things doesn't mean they'll be a success. I really liked the "trash can" Mac Pro (although I never bought one) and that went on to be a famous failure 🙂

  5. Vaughn Eknoyan

    Great video! I love the editing, music, and lighting. One thing: try making the shots of your face clearer. Maybe change the angle to the front and make the shots a bit brighter. But overall, this was incredible!

  6. Clean Toronto

    Nice seeing an Essential PH-1 for the Android portion of the video. That phone still rocks. Running Android Q Beta 4 on my daily driver with zero issues.

  7. Adrian Hopkins

    Love the idea and look and design. Outside of my budget and would prefer hardwiring ability. I hard wire everything. Thanks for the video.

  8. Bizkit Byte

    It seem to me that ever since Steve Jobs died the designers at Apple have been doing half ass job. The HomePod should have a lot more features.

  9. littlerascle59

    Because of its extreme limitations compared to the competition, I just can’t see myself paying over $180 for this. The sound quality on the HomePod is superb though.


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