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ATP Flight School: Still Recommend?

Would I still recommend ATP Flight School to the aspiring pilot?

In this video I go over why or why not someone might choose to do flight training at ATP Flight School and give insight into some other options that might be better suited for a student pilot.

In these videos I aim to provide value, give back and inspire. Leave your honest feedback and questions below.

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  • Wells fargo.. i dont know if i should trust them.. so basically.. you pay 80k for atp zero to hero and airlines will help student ofseet the cost? Why not lower the cost of the program. I dont know if airlines are getting a cut from atp like a tit for tat .. deal.. so… student signs up 80k in debt but is hired by regional after 2 years makes start to make up the cost? Forgive me.but it seems that the your earnings are paying your debt which is like working for a regional for free for 2 years. Also whay happens if atp suddenly kick u out and you are like half way into the program? What happens to that 80k investment when they kick u out?

  • I think you can save a ton of money by not going to the pilot mill, find an excellent instructor that loved what they do and that's golden.

  • I have watched/read many reviews about ATP and they all basically came to the same conclusion. But even with everybody saying to go to a Part 61 school, my concern is how long will it take to go zero to hero? Also, financially, I’d be coming in with very little money. Is it better just to eat the ATP loan so I can fly ASAP and start paying it back? or work part-time and go to a Part 61? If I go part-time I’m worried it will take forever to get into an airline.

  • I have a few questions if you could answer them for me please. What does your debt situation look like? How did you pay for the flight school? Are you making enough money with your current job to live comfortably and pay off your debt?

  • I noticed that everything is aimed at younger pilots it’s almost like older pilots 55 and above need not apply, is this true that if you’re over 55 forget getting a flying job doing anything?

  • Hi I am doing my masters degree in IT from Australia and I want to become a pilot what should I do to become that thanks I hope you’ll read this comment and reply to it thanks.

  • I gotta say thank you for the info. Still debating which route im going to go, but I will be looking into mom and pop flight schools prior to signing my life away at ATP. Regardless, you answered some seriously important questions for me.

  • I work aerial survey and every pilot I work with that came from ATP has nothing good to say about it. Terribly managed, poor training. My best piece of advice would be to go to a private part 61 school and find an instructor that is there for good reasons, not a low time instructor that is there to only build hours.

  • 2010 ATP alum here and you hit it spot on! Did I like my ATP experience? Yes! Would I do it again? No. I did the 90 day program and that was brutal.

  • Dear friend
    Great explanation so I’m not in yet but how I saw you as many option you mention one
    I’ll like to confirme with yuh
    1- I’m not a student yet because I found very no profesional school just money and no safe long term not all but maturity
    1- I’m ready with my medial 3 class pass
    2- my registration student pilot is Summited but need a CFI to set up final ( could you do that for me ? )
    3- what do you thing to finish and have done my writing test done too before to start it
    4- your sugestión is to buy if I can and airplain that will reduce cost 3/3 great and hire a free land CFI and coming Monday till Friday
    5- I can do that easy I’m in miami I can go any where to do it
    6- my gold is no go comercial I don’t need that I’ll want to flight and be CFI I love to teach no been in a corp world is not for me
    7-do I’ll want to study ( PPL-IFR my instrumental —Multi engine -and CFI )
    8-could you Recomendation a free lands CFI dicen here in miami ? having my own airplain with my test done medical done and Comintern every day ti flight and study ?
    9 do you think I can complete at lest. My PPL
    Instrument and multi engine in how manies week month

    My-mail is
    Yurimoros@me.com or yurimoros@hotmail.com
    Thank you for your help

  • Ryan looks like he just graduated from "Potty Training" vs. "Flight Training". I'd never take any advice from this "kid" for anything! If possible, get accepted into the Air Force flight school and go that route. I've asked former ATP Flight School students and they tell me ATP Flight School is a sham and is vacuum cleaner who just likes to suck money out of your bank account. They don't care about your future aspirations to becoming a professional aviator, just ripping their students off by taking your money (more than other flight schools).

  • I did my training in a family owned small flight school. The cost from PPL to my CFIIMEI was only about 55 grand. Yes my planes aren't the best but all instructors here make sure you understand your plane well and emergency well. Only time it gets dangerous is when someone doesnt take it seriously and it shows since we have had only 2 incidents in the 15 years its opened. 1 was a prop strike on a solo student bouncing a landing and the other was a renter who never trained with us. Dont let mom and pop schools scare you

  • I've already spent two and a half years getting my degrees and my A&P license, so I'm not looking to do another two and a half years to get my pilot certs lol Additionally, I love the fact that ATP works with Wells Fargo to get you a loan with a decent APR. Looking forward to starting!

  • ATP is good if you play their game nowadays, it has become a very interesting place with the new changes and management. I have worked in the airlines and ATP is even worse of a monopoly than some of the airlines BS. If you are willing to cooperate and graduate it’d be the gig for you. The only selling point is the pipeline program and hate to say it…..one and only selling point it is

  • Hey Ryan, I was wondering why you’re still working as a cfi since you graduated over 2 years ago from the program? Shouldn’t you be in the regionals?

  • I am a current ATP student and they are horribly managed. There are pluses and negatives to the school at first. I don't know that I wouldn't recommend ATP but I would take a look at say American Fliers. ATP has nice new G1000 172s in a lot of locations (minus California for example) and that is nice. The flight instructors are generally unmotivated because they only get paid to fly, have students pass check rides and sim. Don't expect much in the way of debriefs or extra grounds. You will probably sit around for checkrides for a month or so if you're not in TX, AZ, CA, FL, etc. The school does know how to get you the flight times needed for ratings though so if you need structure then its not a horrible idea.

    TLDR: ATP isn't amazing. The instructors want out as bad as you do and it shows. They are not flexible and will threaten to kick you out and take your money if you don't do exactly what they want.

  • How in the world do you get in a G6 in such a short time when I’m scraping to find jobs as a CFI ATP grad same as you. Granted I didn’t teach for them.

  • Hi Ryan, I am currently weighing my options to make it to a regional and would love to further discuss your ideas and opinions on the best flight training paths! I can be reached via email at staceystento@gmail.com if you wouldn't mind… Thank you!!

  • I’ll put it this way, college route 59k ATP 80k , there are advantages and disadvantages to both. This will get lengthy so if you’re considering flight schools. Consider reading. ATP is 9 months of total hardwork to get you your commercial. It’s also the quickest way to get you into 80k in debt. ATP is not cheap nor effective vs college. College
    Gives you a degree in aviation. That is your profession, not that atp doesn’t make you a professional either. But when it comes down to it you’re better off with a degree than just going the paid route. Here’s why, there’s a pilot shortage in the US of EXPERIENCED pilots. Not just a pilot with his commercial because theirs enough of those. So here’s my take , college gives you a better job security from what I’ve seen over the few years. ATP does have many airline partnerships but so do universities. I’d rather go to a 4 year institution knowing i have a job over questioning if i have a job when i graduate atp. I’ve considered both heavily and I’ve decided to go to eastern Michigan University aviation school. Hope this Enlightens you on your choice. Either are good choices. But remember, education is key.

  • Hey Ryan, thanks for the helpful video. I just finished my PPL, do you instruct for IR training? I’m currently looking where I should continue my training in Phoenix area. Thanks!

  • Great video Ryan!!.. good to see u back!. been like 3 months… Hope your corp jet job going Good… Thanks for excellent info reviewing yur ATP prior life… only question.. I would've thought such a big national ATP school is a Part 141 training, not 61.. Is that correct..it's 61 ? idontknow..
    Really good to hear from a ATP grad looking back and was just there only couple yrs ago. good excellent video..nice job..
    thx.. Watchn from Boston… You have a Great Day too.

  • Hey Ryan, last time I saw you was ATP stans in phx! Glad to see you landed a sweet job.
    Are you planning to stay corporate or join the regionals any time soon?

  • I have watched you from the beginning….I felt sorry for you …you were so Gung-ho you wouldn't listen to anyone tell you that ATP was a money scam..! But that's okay, you were excited and had it all paid or financed and you were driven to finish. Glad to see you found a good path….And thanks for coming back and telling everyone what really happened. Hope to see some good vids from you soon!!! Blue Skies Brother….!

  • Ryan, I think we went to ATP together in 2016. I remember seeing you around the building, in Phoenix. Funny this video should show up in my recommended. Charlie C

  • Yeah I ended up spending 84000 on ATP plus another 5,000 for living expenses because my training got delayed. If you need to go fast they are a decent option but it isn't cheap. Also it's only 25 hour multi now

  • I sure understand your comments and agree; Given anyone with your personality who wants to do it I would send the to ATP outright upfront;
    Myself I would have to go straight into Commercial Regional Cargo and am not going to make it now at 68 years old — had 2 CFI directed incidents which make me leery of sending anyone to such large schools as they have no way to perfect their CFI Hiring Pool at Part 141 anymore than at Part 61 Schools
    If one is set on ATPL and has the backing to do it without straining fiduciary then good but I see an adverse situation telling someone to go Part 141 when they may washout; I realize there are retake protocols but currently I discussed this with my FBO Operator and decided on pleasure flying only

  • Hey Ryan, I am looking into flight schools in the Pheonix area and never thought of having a private flight instructor so thanks for bringing that to my attention. You said that you fly 6 weeks away then 6 weeks off, is this common? Are there many jobs that you are guaranteed to be going to your own bed each night even with weird hours? (even if this means moving to your base airport and starting your new life there.)

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