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Canon 6d Review & Street Photography : Chiang Mai, Thailand 2019 // Bruno Unframed v011

This video is an overview of one of my favorite street photography camera’s, the Canon 6d m1. I talk a little bit about the pros & cons, then I go off into the street of Chiang Mai, Thailand, w/ this full frame beauty & a GoPro mounted to the top of it, asking strangers if I can take their picture!

Hope you enjoy it, it was a blast to make!

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There are many tech/camera gurus on the internet, but these are the 4 mentioned in the video, if you are not a sub, you should be!
Kai W.

Mattias Burling

Jamie Windsor

Bihn Dong

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source: https://samurai-weapons.net

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  • Still watching video. Half way through. I need to travel to Thailand one day. My mom’s Thai and wants to go back and visit some day. Definitely a different look to here in the states. I forgot how well the 6D Mark I does. I have the 6D Mark II and use it often. You’re making me want to get off my lazy @ss and make more videos. I’m working on reviewing a SL3 now. Well, I bought it, still in a box 😁😂😂😂

  • This is a beautiful video man. Thanks for the shout out, that means a lot. And the video production quality is really good. I hope you the best on this platform!!! And maybe one day we’ll cross paths.

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