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Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle 2018

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To check out some cool places in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai, Thailand.
If you have time to join Loy Krathong Festival this year. Which will be celebrate on November, 13th 2019. You can check out our 3 days 2 nights plan 😉

Day 1: Arrived in Chiangmai.
We checked in a boutique hotel in Nimman area.
Name The Nimman Hotel. The area name is Nimman, therefore, this area will have a lot of hotel have the word “Nimman” in it. So if you try to book a Grab car. Please make sure you have the exact address, otherwise you might end up at somewhere else, with the hotel name *almost* similar to your 😆
We spent the night to walk around the Old Town area. Had some nice street food, and ride back to hotel with a tuk tuk.
You have to bargain for a good price.
But it worth trying, specially at night time. They ride fast, and with *no windows* transportation like this. Wind in your hair, a little *need for speed* definitely will make you feel like “Hell yeah, I’m officially off duty. I’m a traveller!”

Day 2: We booked a day tour to visit White Temple, Blue Temple & Black Museum in Chiang Rai. Then the tour continued with a cruise on Mekong River to The famous Golden Triangle (Thailand-Laos-Myanmar)
The tour guide will collect your passport, since you’ll get off the boat and enter Lao’s border area. He will ask if you want a stamp on passport for souvernir.
It depend on you if you want one. Otherwise they won’t stamp on your passport.

Day 3: The festival held for 3 days.
We chose the last day, since we read a lot of review say, they prefer to go on last day. Since there will be more people join for last chance, so therefore, more lantern.
And the more the merrier, right 😆

To enjoy the festival to the fullest.
We advise you to join as a big crowd. Buy a ticket, get yourself a seat, and have plenty of good food, just like what we did.
They will have car pick you up at a big hotel, and will have car to drop you back there. Maximum 6 persons/ on a 9 seats car. It’s very comfortable.
Check out the ticket price & reservation on their website at www.chiangmaipopulartour.com
The ticket will sale fast on Setember and October, make sure to buy it beforehand 👍🏻
Good luck 🍀

If you have any questions, please comment below
I’ll reply asap 🌝

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