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Chiang Mai Girls: 9 Reasons to DATE Them

Chiang Mai girls are some of the most beautiful Thai women and here you can chat with them:

You can also meet them here:

Over the last couple of years, Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand has turned into a hub for digital nomads. More and more expats are visiting this place.

As a result, more men than ever before want to know:

What are the girls in Chiang Mai like? How is the local dating culture? Is it easy to light-skinned Thai women from the North?

Let me tell you one thing:

It has never been easier to meet and to date Chiang Mai women than right now. If you want to know why, then you have to watch this video.

And if you also want to know where you can meet the most beautiful women from this northern region in Thailand and how they want to get approached, you have to watch it till the end.

I share the best Thai dating site to meet them. But I also show you which daygame spots and nightgame venues are perfect to hook up with the local girls.

Heck, if you want a beautiful Thai girlfriend, you MUST watch this…

source: https://samurai-weapons.net

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  • Thailand also has beautiful women in the Northeast region(22.24 million population)which most of these people lated to Laos because they used to be the same country(exactly same cultures, language with Laos people) before France divided them apart. This is called Phuthai tribe and live in provinces like Loei, Mukdaharn, Nakorn Phanom, Sakon Nakorn. https://www.google.com/search?q=%E0%B8%AA%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%A7%E0%B8%A0%E0%B8%B9%E0%B9%84%E0%B8%97&rlz=1C9BKJA_enTH624TH624&hl=en-US&prmd=ivmn&sxsrf=ACYBGNSMVLhBrgfPK2LNSLSrptSL05wLUA:1568014198578&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj4g7yKnMPkAhVZ73MBHbz0CRsQ_AUIFigB&biw=768&bih=915

    This is Mhong Tribe they used to live in mountain also now spread around in the north or northeast like in Chaing rai, Chaing Mai, Peacthchaboon.

  • The northernmost of Thailand is Chaingrai province and close to China than Chaingmai. The north people live in 9 provinces and have a population more than 6 million. These people are people of the same race, langauge, cultures.

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