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DO NOT BUY this driver if…..

RICK SHIELS tests the latest PXG GEN 2 DRIVERS using GCQUAD and also out on the golf course!



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  • “What driver do you use & how much did it cost” ALSO get your tickets for the YouTube golf day⬇

  • I play a used Mizuno mp-001 20 bucks on eBay, longest, most consistent driver I’ve ever owned. Not about the big money, folks

  • I agree to an extent fitting is very important to amateur players pxg fitting options are better than most. I play titleist 917 great driver but by the time you get the correct shaft and grip you can run into some serious cash as well. Apples to apples and their driver is not much more expensive at the top end of any other product if you customize it to your swing. If you add the fujikawa pro 2.0 they don't charge a premium but put that in your titleist taylor made and your adding 250 so realistically they are closer than they appear

  • My driver is 200 dollars and even though it is not.the most expensive I still hit 210 yards with it.it does not matter about the club it is skill.

  • No thanks. 🙂 I like my Ping G 410 Plus just fine lol. And,,,,,, I bet its better than either of those PXG's. 🙂 Spider Dubiel

  • Still using my Taylor Made R11S,got the head for $40.00 and the regular flex shaft for 100.00 Canadian . I'm 54 yrs old and can still get it out there around 265/280 yards.

  • $750. Titleist 915 D3 with Graphite Designs Tour AD-DI 60g X-Flex 😎 no need to upgrade, I’ve hit new drivers and the only thing that lowers scores is practice and maturity once you have clubs that are relatively new!

  • Except they aren’t that expensive.. due to the fact that they come with free fitting and also an aftermarket shaft.. So if you factor that in, in comparison to getting a new TM, ping, callaway, etc.. it is actually less expensive than any of those after a fitting and upgrading the shaft.

  • Got a brand new Nike Covert2 tour for $75 after Nike exchanged it for the Covert tour that I caved the face in on in 2014, after paying $75 for it in the bargain bin

  • Spent $200 on a new Titelist 910 D2 maybe 8 years ago (EBAY) . Absolutely love that club and I still do. I have two sets of clubs as I travel often for work and wanted to upgrade the driver in my spare bag. I just bought the 917 D2 for $190 brand new on Ebay with 70g speeder shaft. Great driver and for under $200 ever better. These clubs for $400-500 are just ridiculous considering USGA specs have not changed. Your club reviews have proved this point time and again.

    One can find really good quality clubs slightly used for a fraction of the cost of these ridiculous mark ups new. Case in point I bought a full set of Titelist AP2 slightly used for under $400 2 years back. you just need to look and be patient.

  • I just got mine from sports direct for £69.99 and I got it just as well as my mates Callaway that he forked out £270 for

  • My favorite driver I have owned was a Adams Ovation 3 Driver. Sadly I smashed the face in while hitting garbage range balls. 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
    I won 3 long drive awards at tournaments with that sweetie. R.I.P.

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