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Jaybird Vista vs Apple AirPods 2 | Wireless Earbuds Review (NEW 2019)

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Jaybird Vista vs Apple AirPods 2 | Wireless Earbuds Review (NEW 2019). In this video, Jeff discusses the New Apple AirPods vs Jaybird Vista comparison. Both of these truly wireless earbuds have a lot to offer. Jeff compares audio quality, battery life and Bluetooth stability as well as fit, design and sound isolation. He also discusses the waterproof or sweatproof ratings for each of these fully wireless earbuds. Other topics of discussion include track and volume management, voice calls and durability. Thanks for watching this wireless earphones and wireless headphones comparison. We’ll see if either of these land on the list for best true wireless earbuds or best fully wireless workout headphones.

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  • I'd choose the Jaybird Vista if I had to choose. The Jaybird Vista is cheaper, along with having more options like being waterproofing and being able to change the sound signatures.

  • The Jaybirds are better because of the price, sound quality, and comfortability. I have used the Airpods before and they were okay. I honestly don't like the design of the Airpods and the sound isolation is okay. If I did have the Jaybirds I would use them for running and I run a lot. Also the water resistance looks great on the Jaybirds.

  • I just copped the Jaybirds Vistas today from bestbuy. They're the best truly wireless earbuds that I've ever had.
    Thanks for all the quick and informative review sir! 👊

  • I had the Jaybird run (gen 1) for almost two years. I finally got tired of the left bud losing sync during a workout (firmware was up to date) so I was looking for a replacement.

    I'm surprised to see most workout buds still have the same setbacks. Syncing issues, can't listen to just one bud (left) at a time. Few options with water resistance.

    Then I found this. It seems to tick off all bullet points. Is it true? Is the syncing issue a thing of the last? I can finally listen to one bud or the other while on a bike ride through the city so that I can hear my surroundings? I don't have to stress about water? (If I am honest I never really did stress lol). It won't feel like I'm jamming hard plastic in my ear if my workout lasts longer than an hour?

    AirPods are just not a contender for me. As soon as I sweat they start falling off. I realize there are third party tips but those would get lost in an absolutely heartbeat since the case doesn't fit them. I'm stuck with third party or nothing. Tried some cheaper options such as Skullcandy (sound was god awful) and and currently using the baker (sound is alright but they still tend to fall out).

  • I own the AirPods and I like them a lot. I don’t use them too often unless I’m exercising or at work. I do like your point of liking products that are meant for working out, water resistance, etc but not sure how the Vista would fit with my ears. I’ve tried other Bluetooth headphones before like the Vista and always have issues with my right ear. Do you think these would fit with a conch piercing? Thanks!

  • Currently have AirPods that work in most scenarios, except with my Garmin Felix 5 Plus for music. They constantly disconnect are therefore can’t use them when I run unless I have my phone, defeating the purpose of having music on my watch. If the Vistas connect better with the Garmin watch I would absolutely prefer those.

  • Haven't tried the vistas, but I am a jaybird user and gotta say the vistas over airpods. I love how u can custom your sound, and I'm a runner, and I sweat alot so I need that waterproof option, also I'm an android user so airpods wouldn't work with my phone.

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