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Official Tennis Match Vs Top 450 ATP Player – Futures $15k | PART 2 (TENFITMEN – Episode 84)

Watch PART 2 of highlights from my final round match in qualifying draw at Futures ($15k) tournament where I played the first seeded player // Wondering how does it feel to play professional match? How to perform well in matches? How to play serve and volley in a match? How to play more aggressive tennis? How to hit big kick serves? How does it look like to play highly ranked ATP player?

In this video, Milan from TENFITMEN Tennis Impulse shares with you some highlights from his first official tournament match on clay courts this year. He also analyzes many points from the match and shares some of his thoughts during the match. Hope you enjoy it!

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  • You should get better whit the return of serve, you should watch some Andy Murray’s returns, if u instead of staying so back try to enter into the court you should break some serve games!

  • Nice. You were just having one of those days but we'll see how this turned out.
    One take away from watching this is how he took advantage of anything inside the court without some type of aggressive spin or slice.
    It made me think of my game where I make a lot of shots with bad footwork and leaning back which sends short balls with not a lot inside the court…my opponents do the same thing and just rip them into some corner for a winner. And unfortunately it only takes one of those shots per point in a rally exchange to lose a set quick.
    Looking forward to the next video. It's terrific how you give us a peak inside what you were thinking about a specific point with the subtitles. That kind of commentary is a great teaching tool.

  • Milan, I hope you don't mind me saying – one thing I have noticed is that you are not aggressive enough on your volleys. You need to punch them more aggressively, not just play them safe trying to place them. Punch through the ball. You will notice the ball skids off the court and stays lower making it harder for your opponent – modern players are not used to this kind of bounce. Your half-volleys the same, hit through them and get them deep – hit attacking half-volleys instead of defensive half-volleys. If you watch Sampras, he always attacked half volleys and always stepped into and punched volleys. You're at the net – don't try and be 'safe' – attack and get used to attacking. That's why you're at the net, isn't it?
    Come on, get on the practise court….. Go go go!!

  • Bro good stuff! Would love to come and see you play a tournament some day. You had no fans out there. We are all on here :). Let us know Your next tournament.

  • Great work. I love your match analysis. It really helps me in analyzing my own moments within the game. Keep up  this excellent work…obviously, I can't wait to see the end of this match!

  • I really like you but I dont know about your playstyle. You are on Clay an you can t barrely get 3 balls in. Thats no hate but you can t have succes like that especially not on this surface …

  • As always, never easy for me to watch you play a match, even just right now through the video. Believe in you will play better and better, and hope you can have some good pros to practice more! Like the way how you analyze each point, somehow it’s more interesting than just watch a match play.

  • 6:17 its not about the left arm as you whole body as such. you wait for the ball to come down instead of going into the ball, hit it higher ona steeper angle down. just slice the shit outta it. you try again not to make a mistake instead of making the point right there.

  • Ako zelis igrat servis volej igru po meni moras popravit dosta volej…servis ti je odlican ali na mrezi fali vidi se…Samo jako samo udaraj…Pozdrav iz BiH!!

  • why do you always try to approach the net after your serve if you're not that successful? just don't do serve&volley on every single point if you keep hitting bad volleys…you lost like 6/6 net points at one moment, and you kept doing it, just, why?

  • Great video! It does look like these ATP pros don't mess on their basics. They don't do anything fancy but play a solid basic game of keeping the ball in and punishing a short ball or a weak shot. Whereas it does seem like you rely on your big first serve a lot and when that is not working then you make it a lot easier for the opponent. Also you are not able to return that well and aggresive inspire of the fact that your opponent does not have a big serve. Anyways it will be interesting to see how did this match end, however so far the ATP pro seems to be having an edge over you. Thanks for the upload. Keep up the good work and all the best with your tennis. You have what it takes just need to develop more patience and develop a more solid game from the back of the court.

  • I like how you play and your tennis and how you also praise your opponent, I also like how well you use your style of play, I can’t wait to see the outcome of the match

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