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Tennis World Tour Roland Garros Edition | Career Mode #1 | THE FRENCH OPEN

Let’s Play Tennis World Tour Roland Garros Edition 2019 – the brand new tennis game for PS4 and Xbox One and also out on PC and Nintendo Switch. Join me in my Tennis World Tour Road to World Number 1 Career Mode playthrough with my own character and let’s see if we can work our way all the way up to play the likes of Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka and Gael Monfils and go on to win Grand Slam titles and become the coveted world number 1 player! This is the re-release of 2018’s Tennis World Tour that was developed by Breakpoint Studio and published by Bigben Interactive. The game can be seen as the spiritual successor to Top Spin 4 as it’s developed by essentially the same people! Starring Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and over 30 other top professionals.

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  • I haven’t tried out Tennis World Tour Roland Garros Edition but it was nice seeing Joe Hannard in there. I prefer Top Spin 4’s timing based gameplay and I think Top Spin 4’s career mode is easier to navigate through

  • I uninstalled and asked for a refund in the moment i discovered there is no way to remap keys. In a game like this. Unbelievable. I dont know if the game itself is good or not, but something like the lack of remapping keys these days doesnt say too much about this company. I will pass.

  • Within the looseness of the game, the race mode is good, but it is a pity that they mix tournaments in the same month of grass and clay. That does not exist in reality.

  • Great video as always Joe, although one thing has struck me about this game, isn't the umpire supposed to give the scores in French?

  • I really do like this game. I just get frustrated with the assisted movement. It'll back you up, or stop you moving through a volley & the shots that aren't responded to.

    Some ppl blame the publisher but I imagine it's complicated getting the programming right with a smaller group too.

  • Now the game seems a lot harder, started playing it again these days, AI positioning is much better even on PRO difficulty, no more easy aces or cheesing on serve. But now AI makes much more unforced errors compared to player, but to counter that they make much more aces aswell cause it's really tough to do aces now compared to when the game came out. You can't rely anymore on serve ,drop shots etc..

  • Hello, dude. Love your videos. Fix your court positioning. You arr basically playing half volleys and you have no power in the shots. The moment you move within the court, either go to the net or go back behind the baseline. You are something like 1-2 metres within the court and you are playing half volleys… The moment you have more time for the shot, you have more power in it.

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