25 thoughts on “Tennis World Tour – UPDATE 1.13 – Nick Kyrgios vs Roger Federer – PS4 Gameplay

  1. Samarth Bellur - The Audiocrat

    I think the movement and actions/forms are so much better than AO International Tennis? I see people at least changing grips here a bit? AOIT has them play all strokes in the continental grip without change. But I have heard AO has tougher gameplay? More fun perhaps?

  2. Harry Punia

    The entire company needs to go watch tennis matches everyday all day to understand movement and physics of this sport ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. jimmysmokes

    Who the hell created this game? Gameplay is ridiculous! You have to play every point to the extreme to win a point. Every shot you attempt, your player has to reach for it while the computer player is always set perfectly to massacre the ball.


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