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THE TRUTH: Square Strike Wedge Review

THE TRUTH: Square Strike Wedge Review
In this video Rick Shiels PGA golf professional heads out to The Worsley Marriott Hotel & Country Club to put the Square Strike wedge to the test to see if it can really improve your golf!

You may have seen the commercial that states the Square Strike wedge will improve your short game and help you to play better golf. Is this this case or would it be a waste of your money? Will you stop hitting shots fat, stop duffing and stop shanking your approach shots?
You may have a Titleist Vokey wedge, Cleveland Golf wedge, TaylorMade Golf wedge, Callaway Golf wedge, Mizuno Golf wedge or a Ping Golf Wedge.
Will the Square Strike wedge help you to play like Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka or Dustin Johnson?

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  • I enjoyed your review, Rick. And I thought you presented a balanced look at the Square Strike wedge. In all honesty, I have been using the Square Strike for a year and I love it. I have tested it in a variety of ways and have found that you can get elevated shots on the green as well as hit it out of a bunker. In addition, with some practice, you can hit it out of deep rough as well. All things considered, for me it was money well spent.

  • Just pick the ball up and throw it at the pin at this point. Or just grab a scorecard, write 72 on it and go home. Or learn how to chip…

  • Hey Rick have been using a similar square through technique by choking down the grip on a gapr high. Seems to work pretty good in that situation with heaps of green to work with. Wouldn’t be trying to lob that over a bunker and expect much stop but do you think one of these would assist me or should I stick with what I’ve been doing

  • They also make it with a 55 and 60-degree loft, do you think that would make much of a difference regarding your opinion of the club?

    -an amateur poor golfer

  • Just got this club, honest opinion…I chunk & thin this way more than a 9,8 or 7 iron around the green. Going to send it back, I gave it a chance but just not working for me

  • I actually like some of the set up elements this club forces newbies to adopt. Easy to switch to a stand 45 degree club. Agree, hate the commercial. That said, they’ve sold a boat load of them…a big boat:)

  • Around the green I'll use a putter like swing to stop chunking it. Then when I get 15-20 yards away I make a proper swing. Just practise instead and trying gimmicks. 👍

  • G’day Rick,
    I’m a 51 year old Chopper from Australia who has taken up golf again after a 20 years.
    I’m on way down as far as golf goes now and I play for pure enjoyment, I play with my step son Jack who is 23 and just starting out and showing good signs of being a very good average golfer.
    I purchased this square face wedge and I immediately dropped at least a half dozen shots a round.
    I don’t hit many greens in regulation and it has just added more enjoyment to my game.
    For people like me this is great club.
    Love your channel, all the best, John

  • golfers in america are such miserable assholes. i don't know what it is about doing something that they supposedly enjoy that makes them assholes but…somehow they are.

  • I have the Cleveland version of this, the Smart Sole 2. I love it. 50-70 yards and in its money. Easy to hit, easy to control distance.

  • I never get to play golf, I can't afford anything this guy reviews, but I like this channel…. I guess that's the magic sauce.

  • 20 yards, its about 18 meter I belive. I find those shots kinda easy. If there's nothing in the way I usually go with a 7-9 iron and let it roll half of the way. The hardest shot in my book is when you're about 2-3 meter from the hole, but it's in the rough/poorly cut semi green so you can't use the putter. So you have to hit the ball so so so thin and it's easy to get stuck in the grass

  • So it takes the straight forward, easiest chip shot to hit. The one with lots of green to work with, I could almost putt this, type of chip shot…and makes it "easier". But for most short game shots you can't get it close. Now granted you tested the 45 degree loft, maybe different story with the 60. Since some of those tougher shots are suited for more loft

  • @Rick Shiels Golf You said it comes in higher loft options, shouldn't you try those and prove they can get the height you need instead of saying it can't using the lowest loft option?

  • So… hit this exactly as I'd hit my pitching wedge from close in? And get the same shot? Without having an extra club in the bag? Yeah….

  • Rick, love the videos! Next, you should test these Daredevil Barrel putters! Claim is that round surface of the putter making contact with the round ball makes for a truer putt line. https://daredevilgolf.com

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