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Why Apple’s HomePod Is Failing

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With the release of HomePod, Apple threw their hat in the smart speaker ring after seeing companies like Amazon and Google experiences success in the market. But Apple decided to approach the smart speaker from a different angle, by making sound quality the product’s primary focus instead of its voice assistant. And this created some issues that is preventing the HomePod from competing on the same level as the Amazon Echo and Google Home. And despite being on sale for well over a year, HomePod hasn’t achieved the kind of success Apple was aiming for, capturing just 6% of the smart speaker market at the end of 2018. And in this video we’re going to explore the reasons why the HomePod is failing to live up to Apple’s expectations.

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  • I don’t think Apple is targeting towards becoming a big smart speaker seller. I think they are just following their philosophy of design with a purpose and data safety. 300$ feels a bit too much though.

  • They should just keep it cheap if you want a “smart” home like they advertise you need multiple living room, kitchen, bedrooms all that but at $350 each that can be expensive but compared to an Amazon Alexa it’s way cheaper to buy multiple and that’s how it should be because majority don’t have thousands to waste on an apple home pod

  • Homepod has sloid sound quality, but it's has several problem in my opinion, like No extra port for physical pairing (if you marked it as high quality speaker at least give it extra ports), SIRI sucks, Unremovable power cable, Limited access (apple music, airplay only).
    Just check MKBHD video about Homepod.

  • It's failing because Apple didn't understand the market. People want easy to access cheap music, or they want access to high end hi-fi systems. iPod is neither of those and it's too expensive for what it does.

  • Simple answer is they won’t allow it outside their stupid fucking eco system. I’m growing tire of Apple after leaving Microsoft 15 years ago. Starting to think a change may be coming

  • They don't even sell them yet in some countries. I haven't bought one yet for this reason, but would love to, especially because of their focus on sound fidelity!

  • AppleTV+ / Apple Arcade and a low cost home pod would make things better. Rename the existing audio-phile homepod to homepod pro

  • i did not even know apple had a home pod system. that explains a lot. i would never buy one of these surveillance devices. anyone who does is dull and dumbed-down.

  • Apple sabotage the devises now at an alarming rate, first battery’s die,then the devises can’t be up up dated, then the devises start dying,its been the case for me on the last two iPads and my iPhone 6.
    They are a total rip off.

  • Homepod sounds amazing and yes siri is shit but it only has to turn on my lights and lower my screens and it does that so im happy

  • for me is just two things..1st it's price and 2nd no INPUTS! Give me an aux port to plug my macbook or imac or mac mini and i take it!

  • Siri will always suck as Apple doesn’t collect data like Google and Amazon to train its AI. I can live with that. I never use Siri as I don’t find it a chore to MANUALLY search information I want on my phone.

  • Not sure it’s failing, necessarily, but I can tell you why I’ve bought Sonos instead of Apple: $. I’m willing to pay the Apple tax, but at some point, taxes become extortion.

  • There should be a $100 HomePod mini. It has great sound and they add support for Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, and Youtube Music (hopefully, probably not happening)

  • …….Apple products are too expensive and will be hard to get in every home. Amazon positioned themselves beautifully with that fire stick and fire tablets. Apple is basically living off that phone, where they messed up was killing off the iPod, HUGE MISTAKE‼️

  • No audiophile uses a crappy $350 wireless speaker! That's clearly not their market … or they really suck at their market research.

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