Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Stainless Steel Midnight Blue Sports Loop Unboxing/Review

I’ve had an Apple Watch since day 1 with the “Series 0” model and I’ve loved it. The Stainless Steel looked great and I liked the 42mm size. But once the much faster Series 3 version released, I knew it was time for an upgrade. Since then, my Series 3 watch has worked perfectly fine, but when Apple released the Series 4 watch, I loved the new thinner look with the bigger screens. Even still, I held out until now, when Apple has released the new Series 5. It’s the same as Series 4, but the big new improvement is the always on display, which I absolutely love and was worth the upgrade for me. So I stuck with Stainless Steel and got the bigger 44mm sized Apple Watch, this time with the Midnight Blue Sports Loop, which is super comfortable. All in all, I really like the new look and feel of the Apple Watch introduced last year but even moreso with being able to see the screen at all times. If you have the Series 4, you can probably hold off, but otherwise this is a fantastic new Apple Watch.


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20 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Stainless Steel Midnight Blue Sports Loop Unboxing/Review

  1. Hassan ECG available in UAE 🇦🇪 in future because I hav Apple Watch series 5 purchase on 26th September in UAE and know today I will come in india and setup my watch in india but unfortunately ECG not available my watch, why I don’t now because my region are india and ECG work in india on 20th September in india after letest watch OS 6.0 update ……

  2. I’m still trying to decide on this and the titanium. I really like the aesthetic of the stainless steel but I heard it scratches really easily. What’s been your experience? Titanium is nice but it is duller. 🤔

  3. Right now, the series 5 is a better buy than the series 4, if you buy directly from Apple. That’s because you can pick any of the $49 bands. On the series 4, you take the one the sellers have. In the past, we mothballed the rubber band that came with it, and paid $49 for the band we wanted. Therefore, the current $50 price drop on the series 4, is only $1 less than the series 5, with the band you want.

    That option on the series 5 appears limited to purchases directly from Apple.

  4. Im upgrading from an Apple Watch series 3 42mm sliver Aluminium to the Apple Watch series 5 44mm space grey I can't wait

  5. Dude I agree with everything you do in this video haha got my new one today, thought I deserved the upgrade from the 3 too

  6. Hi, great video, thanks- how has the SS finish held up on your Series 3? Are you always polishing it to get the scratches out? I have the Series 3 in black SS which is good but always wanted the regular SS

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