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Apple Arcade Hands-On Impressions: It Reminds Us of Xbox Live Arcade

Here’s what we think of Apple’s subscription gaming service so far, including why it reminds us (in a good way) of Xbox Live Arcade from back in the Xbox 360 days.

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  • I have a six gen. 2018 iPad with the A10 cpu. The games in this video
    looks great like Nintendo Switch quality of graphics. If Nintendo
    released their intellectual properties (for example Zelda, Mario etc.)
    to other consoles I would never buy a Nintendo console (for example the
    Switch). I prefer to play games on my iPad rather than my Nintendo
    Switch. My 6th gen. iPad has way better build quality and the 6th gen.
    iPad's screen is way better than the Nintendo Switch. I can do so much
    more on my iPad as compared to the Nintendo Switch. I like Nintendo
    because I grew up on Nintendo from childhood. But I loose loyalty to
    Nintendo when I can get a way better deal from Apple (of which I am an
    Apple fanboy) in terms of hardware and software. 2019 Nintendo has won
    my interest with games like Zelda BotW, Link's awakening, and Mario
    Odyssey. But only because I have such nostalgic connection to Nintendo
    games. I own Nintendo's hardware as that is the only legal way to play
    1st party Nintendo video games. I will have to investigate more about
    Apple Arcade as it develops to see if that platform can sway me into
    it's offering of video games.

  • To be honest I got free month and from my experience it’s boring games and it felt like I was playing games for kids under 10

  • What the golf is one of the coolest games for me 🙂 Also Kings League 2, Mini Motorways <3 Apple Arcade is a must, I mean for 5 bucks for your whole family its just a no brainer. I still ned to try Oceanhorn 2 though

  • My thoughts:
    Unknown girl runner – Looks awesome.
    Where Cards Fall – will be entertaining for half an hour, after-which the gimmick will fade and you won't feel like playing it ever again.
    Into the Depths – Capcom has been nailing mobile lately. First Teppen and now this. Way to go!
    Super Impossible Road – another clone. I've seen so many of these, and this one is as lackluster as the rest.

  • Tried out the 1 month trial and basically just downloaded 50+ games out of the 100 available. Lot’s of hidden gems, and really polished indie games

  • Desperate times for the company.Having lost half of its marketshare to Samsung and Huawei, Apple is looking towards uncharted territories for revenue growth

  • Will every game on Arcade be available globally or will some be region locked? Thanks in advance so far it looks very promising!

  • We should all be really cautious about this service. Many games on this service cannot be purchased. Developers and consumers will have less control if this becomes commonplace. Don’t fall for the low price.

  • Keep in mind. The way Apple approaches is games for family, games that are just fun for kids and not intense gaming like PC. So don't bash Apple and say these games are worst. These games are for kids and family which in my opinion kids would spend some time with their parents at least for this.

  • Am a primarily a PC gamer with a PS4 to but Apple Arcade is hands down the most excited I’ve been for games in a while

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