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Apple Card – Two Months Later Review!

The Apple Card has been out for about two months now. Since its release, Apple has expanded the 3% cash back reward category to more merchants. Apple also continues to promise that the Apple Card is secure & private, while also promising not to charge customers fees and help them avoid interest. But with even more incentives to sign up for the Apple Card, is it really better than other credit cards?

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  • It’s a good card very easy to use very organized which is why I like it . Only thing I wish is that the rewards are better or they add new cards similar to the chase cards which all offer different rewards

  • My chase card is 4%…..
    my Apple Card is 23%…
    My credit is great as indicated by my first number…
    I suspect everyone gets the 23% APR. I don’t keep a balance and never will, so I guess I’m ok with that….it is a motivator to pay off ur balance.
    I like it because of the simplicity. I’m shelving my other debit and credit cards.

    Thank the Apple gods for letting me into the club.

  • They keep saying the can’t verify my identity. I’ve tried calling customer support and they said keep trying. Now it’s saying I’ve tried to get the card to many times. Anyone know what I should do?

  • if card cashback was 1.5% instead of 1% i'd use this card mostly…but with 1.5%-2.0% cashback with other cards, and/or 5% rotating categories…it makes it hard to use all the time.

  • with a Duane Reade downstairs (aka Walgreens) in NYC where i do a lot of my shopping, it categorizes everything there as a Health purchase just because walgreens/DR has a pharmacy . stupid

  • Just wondering if all banks work like this cause I’m not too sure. My bank does it to if you use it in January you have until the end of February to pay it off. So at the end of the month it’s only making you pay off the previous months bill and so on. Are they all like that or is it if you use it in January you have to pay it off at the end of January?

  • Get bank if America's cash rewards card. You can choose what category you want 3% cash back for… Do it for online purchases and every retailer is 3% back. I get back like $50 a month on my regular spendings

  • Wow a credit card without actual benefits, it is made of titanium and a waterproof contract so you can suck it up for many more years. Kids this is why you need to study and finish school so that you read the fine prints and learn about other options.

  • I saw this video I applied and I was approved even I was declined last month, you give good luck bro! Another sub for your channel!

  • Nice job with the video. IMHO, Apple Pay is a lot better than the card itself because of the 2% cash back. I’m completely excited about more stores being added to the list and hope it continues to grow.

  • Even though the interest rates are high, the seamless integration with your iPhone makes it really easy to manage your money. Plus if you're getting any credit card don't ever plan on paying interest, that's how people wind up in debt. Always pay your balance in full.

  • Once Apple gets enough merchants they will lower the cash back %. They are just trying to get people to sign up for the card and when they get enough, drop all the benefits to average or worse.

  • If you're going to take the time to review the Apple CC why not spend 15 secs to read the Apple website before assuming everyone is paying the highest interest rate like you are?
    "Variable APRs range from 12.74% to 23.74% based on creditworthiness. Rates as of October 1, 2019."

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