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Chicago Bears vs. Oakland Raiders: Week 5 Game Review | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

A powerful run game and dominant line play were key for the Raiders in securing an important win over the Bears in London. #NBCSports #ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned #NFL #ChicagoBears #OaklandRaiders
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Chicago Bears vs. Oakland Raiders: Week 5 Game Review | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

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  • I hope the bears come out and dominate the saints and shut these fucktards up always talking trash about about the bears!!

  • Props to the Raiders just keep in mind Hicks,Nichols,and Lynch did not play or finish this game.all 3 probably the best run stop guys on the line then on offensive side WR Gabriel didnt play and Long battling injuries played and is now on IR. Bears got beat it happens but bears came in with multiple injuries at key positions and it showed against a physical team.

  • The raiders are cheaters they were clipping the d line and oline. The raiders could have seriously injured players. No respect at all!!!!

  • Road after road game after road game and yet the Raiders get the Job done. It might night look pretty but it gets finished with a W

  • Dirty play is how they won ! If you watched the film you would know that. I will bet that the raiders will lose the next game that the Refs show up to!

  • I love when Phil and Chris Sims talk Raider football. It's not always positive but it's always a fair assessment. I appreciate this segment and Phil has always been one of my favorite football peraonalities. He's right about these teams trying to copy college football. It's ridiculous.

  • The Bears are a team of many traits, but are Master's of nothing. Maybe their defense, but not Sunday against the Raaiiyyderrrrss..I think that's where you were going for….

  • All the Khalil Mack hype I wanted Mack's remarks post game. The pick the Raiders got for Mack, Josh Jacob's, ran right after them! Good game 👍🏻

  • Here is a fact the last time bears gave up 100 yard was last December too Giants RB Barkley now Jacobs 123yards 2tds huge impact in the game Mack 0 sacks 0 tackles for loss 0 impact in the game 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mack Mad Max is here

  • The is awesome son asking pops questions but you hear it here bear fans we smash y'all i had bears fans talking about they weren't excited hello y'all score 21 unanswered points but we came back twice and punch y'all in the mouth don't forget davis fumble on the 1 yard line then we finally score with jacobs

  • Why is no one talking about The Raiders suspect secondary? Great win and all, but my goodness, we need to discuss the big plays given up somewhat easily… I know we’re missing Johnathon Abrahm, but Lamarcus Joyner has NOT played his best ball. And he hasn’t played like the top FA Safety he was ranked & how we’ve payed him. Sorry to be the negative Nancy, but no ones talking about the elephant in the room.

  • No excuses! Hicks went down and that played a huge role on Bears DL matching some physicality! There were several plays the Raiders dangerously and illegally chopped Bears DL! To get whupped in addition to having your head being on a swivel is a lot to ask of a DL. Bears bought into too much "greatest" hype…but the Raiders are much better than the hype of their being weak.

  • Our O line is starting to look as good as anybody’s. We are big n physical, and u win in the NFL if u can run the ball. And we do. We’re looking like a 9-7 team right now. Go Raiderzzzzz

  • I’m sorry but I also watched the game back, and saw Illegal chop block after chop block not called. On multiple occasions! Only way they could open it up for Carr, I’m not worried about the D that was a fluke game. Offensively though wow it was sad to see their Dline manhandle the bears, that OL has fell off a cliff

  • No the bears will not make the playoffs this year the are worst then last year no offense a good defense but but at Levy yoker quarterback will not get you to the next level without offense running and a good running game

  • When the Raider's starting O-line returns, Raiders will be doing some Lambeau-Leaps in Lambeau.
    This will be Carr's first real shoot-out since week 1 and 2 back in 2016.

  • Raiders are the Best Chop Blockers in the League. They were choppin all game against the bears. pretty good strategy if you wanna win

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