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SEE Apple TV+ Premiere Review

Today, we take a look at the first three episodes (1-3) of SEE on Apple TV+, this show stars Jason Momoa and I would love for you all to explain your comments below! Did you like the start and are you looking forward to the ending? This is, for the most part, a Spoiler Free Review of Season 1 so far.
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  • I just finished the fourth episode. I have really been enjoying this so far, the acting, effects, cinematography, everything has been fantastic, although I agree that there has been a bit of weirdness with the storytelling like it meanders a bit. However, my biggest complaint is that they keep using phrases like "I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN" and other phrases that use vision terms that I just don't think that the characters would really use if vision was really a heretical myth. Just a thought. Thanks for reviewing this show you are the only person that has done a vid on it so far, I'm tempted to make one myself.

  • Also, they've apparently lost all audio books and the technology to listen them because they reverted back to the FUCKING BRONZE AGE!

  • Momoa fan here. I watched frontier bcz of Momoa. And now im watching SEE bcz of him. I do agree with ur review though. The time they skipped needed more detail. And there's some plain weird lame characters like shadow. What was THAT..?!?!

  • I liked it tho! It's good! The concept is refreshing and different. I liked how she was praying lol what was so weird? Hahaha

  • I love the genre, but the level of technology, craftsmanship, and art alone that a primitive, blind culture has seemed to develop is just too much of a hurdle for me to get over. Have you ever tried to forge blade while blind? they wear ornate primitive jewelry that would take a lot of time to create without vision time, and energy they simply wouldn't have as everything would take exponentially longer to relearn, train, and execute without vision.

  • My main issue with the series is how they speak. Sight is a myth, or legend, in their society. But yet, they use terms like "Ahh, i see" when someone explains something to them, or "We will live to see another day". No, you won't. Your'e all blind, none of you will see another day. Given how many generations have pased since humanity lost sight, I would assume they had started expressing things a bit differently.

  • Battlefield Earth-Esque story & character-wise, but the show looks great and I enjoy seeing a blind battle & society functioning.

  • OK iam with u that the way the queen commuincate with ^her^ god is really weird but i dont know maybe there is reason for that , anyway i say u should review epsoide by epsoide

  • I like your invisible piano, good review, the Queen did enjoy her praying….I know a few Catholic priest who find praying like that enormously satisfying! Especially with an audience, but we won't go there🤔

  • I really liked this show. I think I am the target audience. I love odd, sci-fi or xfiles or GOT. High concept, future fiction dealing with a broken world. Action, well built characters, a new world to explore, highly recommended!

  • Now we use predicates that express the expression gues of input stimuli. As in NLP . V vision example of it in lingo ( I see what your saying). Now they r hundreds of years out? but if ur ass is blind u never say I see where your coming from or that is clear to me. The blind will be more tactile and auditory based. Language shows ones rep field look up in NLP neuro linguistic programming. Predicate Blind people are more to sound and touch.

    this guy sounds like Max Cavalier from sepultra in the beginning where he was rammataing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Sl5-Cl6LOo

  • The kids reading was not an issue for me. Their father had left those writing ropes attached to the ABC books. I assume that was to teach the kids how to read them, since everyone knows how to read the ropes.

    Also, I agree that the "praying" was very weird. I felt it unnecessary. It was very much like, "Ok, guys, how do we get sex into this show? Oh, I know!…"

  • Bit of a spoiler alert should be left at the start about the baby. But whatever, it wasn’t as bad as the infinity war spoilers.

  • I watched the first 15 to 20 minutes of the show and I wasn't interested at all. Visually it's stunning. Apple spent a lot to create this show. Maybe I'll return to it a few months down the road when I could binge watch it. As of now, not interested.

  • This guy isn't funny I'm shore your confidence gets u women though because that's what millennial typical whores like.

  • I watched half of the ep1 and gave up, they setup the show likes they have sight lol, when they fight how the heck that they know who is who? How do they all end up with their weapon once they drop it? …ect…so stupid

  • Bro how much time you spend watching TV series and movies..? I mean no offense but how you even Manage? You are a doing great job!

  • Person 1: Hey, I heard that they have upgraded "The Six Million Dollar Man"
    Person 2: Wao! the new version must be even more amazing. By the way, what was the guy's name?
    Person 1: Steve Austin.
    Person 2: Yeah! true. And what is the name of the new version?
    Person 1: Austin Burke.

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