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8 Bài Tập Lưng Xô To Rộng Hiệu Quả Cho Dân Thể Hình

8 Bài Tập Lưng Xô To Rộng Hiệu Quả Cho Dân Thể Hình

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  • I was really surprised
    why does your butt shape look away?
    every time you are practicing whichever part of your butt is the focal point of my vision
    I don't know what happened to me?
    It seems like I'm starting to admire every detail of yours
    especially the beautiful part of your butt

  • Maybe someday just one day my back will look a little like that , maybe not that big but something lol. Good video & information

  • كم عدد التكرارت لضخامه العضله فتنس.
    انا من متابعيك من العراق وعيش في اليونان ♥️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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