5 Products I Want Apple To Make ASAP!

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Here are 5 products I wish Apple would make!

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21 thoughts on “5 Products I Want Apple To Make ASAP!

  1. Omg yes homepad!! With magnets to go on the fridge pls.

    One other software feature I’d like is: A separate photo album which you can allow 3rd party apps access to. For instance I drop the 4 photos I want to share on WhatsApp / Facebook/ Insta etc into that “share” album. When I grant access to that 3rd party app that’s all they have access to, just that “share” album. Not every single pic from childbirth to x-mas 2018…. can we make this a thing?

  2. Have you given any thought to Bluetooth printers? Can you review some options? Since I’m moving to being on my iPad Pro more regularly I find I still have to go to my computer to print since it isn’t Bluetooth enabled.

  3. I love the HomePod setup idea! We do FaceTime with family and everybody wants to cram in and talk to grandma. We have to use my iPad Pro to do these but if the kids want to keep talking and I need to get on my tablet I can’t. I also bring my tablet in the kitchen to watch video or listen to music while cooking. The problem is the iPad pro speakers aren’t loud enough to go over the cooking noises so I find myself wanting to use headphones. This HomePod would fix this.

    I also am interested in the noise cancellation AirPods.

  4. Can you tell me wich keyboard is that you show on de ipad mini 5? no the protector from logitech, the bran is logi! thanks

  5. I want to see Health and CarPlay moved to iPad. Why? Because then I can get rid of my iPhone. I don’t need it anymore because all the things are available in my iPad. I would love to see 12 South make a Bass Jump for my iPad Pro. If Razer makes a mechanical keyboard for the next 10/11 inch iPad Pro I’ll buy it.

    I want to see iPhone only apps able to run in photo mode on iPadOS while it’s in landscape mode. Basically it would be like what an iPad app looks like when I’m running two iPad apps side by side. Why? Because I spend 99% of my time with my iPad sitting on a desk or lap with a keyboard connected. I can’t use the keyboard on iPhone only apps unless I want to read everything sideways. How stupid is this?

    I’m finally free of the phone as far as phone calls go. This way all I have to have is my watch and iPad. I want it that simple. I want to be rid of the iBrick, er phone.

  6. The mini5 is already pro enough. The bezels are useful for it to be held especially when taking video or I assume when playing games. I reject anti-bezel and anti home button freakery.

  7. Ok let's be crazy for a second or so, but an iPad mini pro isn't the Apple way I want to see. What I realy want to see is that Apple goes back to the roots and streamlines their lineup especially the iPad lineup. So get rid of all the "pro" bullshit naming scheme and build one "pro" device in three sizes. What I mean is a big, a mini and a regular sized iPad with all pro features. No iPad, no iPad Air and no iPad mini with different specs

  8. 1. iPad mini pro doesn’t even make sense as a concept. The idea of the Pro is to get creative and productive work done. A 7.9 in screen is not conducive to getting any real work done. The mini is practically useless for multitasking due to the screen size, there’s not enough screen real estate for graphic design, let alone for Excel. It’s just dumb. The mini tablet market it virtually dead at this point already, on top of that.

    2. If a Mac Pro is too expensive for what you need, than an ultra wide screen monitor is just a novelty for the type of work you do.

    3. The HomePod already sucks, and smarthome hubs are already a niche in the smart speaker hubs. For that other shit, just carry your iPad mini around the house. You’ve been raving about its portability anyway, right? This idea is just a waste of an iPad.

    4. Gaming Mac doesn’t work, either. Most games don’t run on Mac OS, first of all, and most people who use PC’s for gaming build their own from various parts. Who is going to buy a super expensive pre-built Mac to run a few games on, when they could build a way cheaper PC and play way more games on it?

    5. This is possibly the only idea that might make any sense, but that’s not a “product,” that’s just a software update.

    Bonus. Oh, great, the low audio quality of AirPods, made even worse with noise cancelling hiss. And imagine the cost. Where did this stupid idea that AirPods are good even come from? By the way, Apple already makes Beats equivalents to AirPods that deal with background noise better. So this idea basically already exists.

  9. I want a 15 inch iPad Pro. But an iPad Mini with smaller bezzels would be cool. I'm not against an iPad Mini Pro, don't know if I'd buy it. HomePad seems highly unnecessary.

  10. Noise cancelling AirPods would be ideal for travelling. I am not quite sure if I would go for the iPad Pro Mini – cool idea, but would still not be portable enough for carrying in most pockets

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