5 RANDOM Stores That Sell CHEAP GOLF GEAR!! (Crazy Deals and Waffle House!)

In this golf vlog we head to 5 RANDOM Stores That Sell CHEAP GOLF GEAR!! Will this gear help reduce my handicap? Did we find an expensive scotty cameron putter? No but we did find some of the cheapest golf equipment deals I have seen in a minute! The cheapest golf shoes we found Tiger Woods golf shoes for only $25! The cheapest golf balls? The cheapest golf clubs? We sure did find some funny golf things too! Will any make them in my next WITB? Well, let’s find out!

Whats in the bag :

3 Wood:
Utility Iron:
Gap Wedge:
Sand Wedge:
Lob Wedge:

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29 thoughts on “5 RANDOM Stores That Sell CHEAP GOLF GEAR!! (Crazy Deals and Waffle House!)

  1. Stein Mart where I live has a ton of last season’s men’s golf shirts, shorts, pants. Adidas, Callaway, Shark brand, Bolle, Pebble Beach, nice golf belts, and then the balls you guys saw.

  2. Found an unused wishon smooth series 5L putter for $1.99 at a goodwill in L.A. It's value ranges from $125 to $180. It's beautiful!

  3. Lots of ways to save money in the U.S. So many stores and so much competition. Tough to find even bargain priced used stuff here in Southwestern Ontario Canada. Very little choice and prices are quite high for anything worth buying.

  4. Looking forward to seeing John in the leopard outfit. Also Ashley’s WITB. May I ask where you are in the states? Greeting from the UK by the way

  5. Rick Shiels tested those refurbished Pro V1's, and they were top notch. Just repainted and 2 years old. Performed just like a new one but the newer paint wore off quicker, but for the price… come on now….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moCxvAlViQo

  6. Are you sure those are Pro-V1's at Audi's??? I bought what I believed were Slim-Jims from there and when I got home and put my glasses on, I actually had Slim-Joe's, NOT Slim-Jim's, so I gave them to my Dog. He wouldn't even eat the damn thing's! I think that box of "Pro V1's" is actually a box of "Pre 1V's" and Trust me! They ain't the same!

  7. Who knew??!! Great video! Next time I'm out with my wife shopping in those stores, I'll have something to check out. Thanks for the great content!

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