7 Cheap Acoustic Guitars That Don't Suck Pt. 1 – Big Sounds, Small Prices

Dagan plays us through 7 cheap acoustic guitars that prove you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great sounding guitar.

Guitars used:

1:39 – Washburn WLD10S Acoustic Guitar Natural:
Shop all Washburn Acoustics:

4:13 – Tanglewood Crossroads TWCR O:

7:23 – Eastcoast SA20D Acoustic Dreadnought, Natural: N.B. (incorrectly titled in video)

9:31 – Fender Malibu Player Candy Apple Red:

12:42 – Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar Natural:

15:32 – Yamaha APX500 MK3 Electro Acoustic Guitar Black:

18:36 – Fender CD-60SCE Electro Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany:

Dagan is recording all these cheap acoustic guitars with the Aston Spirit Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone:

Watch part 2 here:

In this video, Dagan takes a close up look at some of the best cheap acoustic guitars that actually sound really good! These cheap acoustic guitars prove that you can still get expert craftsmanship, beautiful playability and a great sound without breaking the bank.

These beautifully designed cheap acoustic guitars range from under £100 to just below £300, opening up a world of tone for guitarists of all levels. Thanks to their budget-friendly price point, they are entirely affordable for all players and make great gift ideas for beginners or guitarists looking to expand their collection. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag though – these are perfect for professionals offering extraordinary tone and an enjoyable playing experience straight out of the box.

These are the best cheap acoustic guitars that certainly do not suck from the likes of Yamaha, Epiphone, the new Fender California series, Tanglewood and more.


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31 thoughts on “7 Cheap Acoustic Guitars That Don't Suck Pt. 1 – Big Sounds, Small Prices

  1. i want to find one with a deep sound what should i be looking for in terms of wood ect. im sick of my bright sound on my other acoustic

  2. my first acoustic i got a few years ago and it was a cheap yamaha and it is still the one that i use to this day and my dad grew up in the 80s so i use his electric occasionally but i love the acoustic guitar

  3. I thought my Epiphone PR-150VS would make the list. The used market is saturated with them lol

    It’s a good decent acoustic. Maybe more for beginners although I bought it simply because it was good enough and didn’t need anything fancy for home playing. But now, I really want to upgrade so I will add more to the over flooded used market

  4. Bro I so desperately want a better guitar but my mother won’t let me get another because I have a cheap 30$ amazon guitar. I can’t play on it because the neck and the strings and so far apart it’s super hard to push down on the frets and even if I can get the string all the way down my fingers touch the other strings silencing them so it sounds like crap. Im to scared to file the bridge down and put the strings back on because I don’t want the neck to snap because there’s no supports in a 30$ Amazon guitar. I’m also 14 have no job and no money so it’s tuff for me to just buy a guitar. Especially the expensive ones. My voice is decent and I’m working on my vocal cords right now. I just wish I had something to play on to match my voice. It’s one of my hobbies I never got to do if that makes sense. Well thank you for listening to my STRESSFUL story and have a wonderful day.

  5. My Stagg SA20D is pretty nice for the £90 I paid for it. It's a dreadnaught, and the sound is pleasing enough for me. The only thing bad about it was the tuners. The gears on the inside of 1 or 2 had lots of broken teeth after a couple of months. Sorted that out with some cheap replacement tuners off Amazon, and I haven't had any problems since.

  6. Only problem I have with Fender Malibu is the weird buzzing sound it makes sometimes. That can probably be fixed with a setup though.

  7. I love my 1980s Washburn ea36-12 string! It's sweet looking, and has a great voice, plugged or unplugged. Here's a video of me playing the Washburn for my original – Old Bainbridge Road! Check it out: https://youtu.be/rzy7lmgYlX4

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