23 thoughts on “7554 – Gameplay Trailer

  1. 3:34
    > Glorious memories revived
    Ah yes, y'all remember the day when fences were glitching in the middle of the war? Classic moments.

  2. Just came across this game. It's really nice to be able to shoot Americans for once, instead of Russians, Chinese and German. Which was the last game to do this in a singleplayer mode? Postal? 😀 

  3. It looks like a good game but I think it could of used two campaign modes one being the Viet Minh and the other being the french I think if they did that people would get a better understanding of the war instead being focused on one side of the war.

  4. true but the "defenders of democracy" aint so great aither 😀 aside the ideologies the game is not great but pretty good but i have a old pc so it lags to much

  5. hm whats wrong with communism i lived in communist country till the pointles war fucked everything up and i must say like many other older people then me that everyoone had a job and that paycheck was never NEVER late say what you want about communism but today people are lucky if they even have a job

  6. I dont know why this game got so bad critics ok it has a lot of glitches but its really good game leave aside this idological bulshit btw we all got to give the credit for vietnamies people in all this decades of war they beaten french and americans i remeber as a kid how i watched the american movies where they are "kicking ass" but the reallity is not like that is it and like alwas in history the country that was being invaded wone in the end i dont mean no disrespect to anyone

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