Acquisitions Incorporated | Dungeons & Dragons – Book Review

In this video I review the collaborative product of Acquisitions Incorporated (Penny Arcade) and Wizards of the Coast: their source book for running your own Acq Inc style game.

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36 thoughts on “Acquisitions Incorporated | Dungeons & Dragons – Book Review

  1. I can see this campaign set a take it another variations aside from Greyhawk. It can easily run in a modern setting or even a sci-fi setting

  2. This would work for any organization based campaign.

    A knightly order, a mercenary company, a wizards school, a thieves guild, a king fu school, a temple, the mafia, the army, ninja village, fighters dojo, etc..etc..

  3. I think it would be cool and super interesting if I ran a business themed campaign set within the realm of Middle Earth!-Alex. ❤️.

  4. The thing that I love about this book is the fact that it isn't just Giving you instructions of how to run and acquisitions incorporated adventuring franchise, No, This book is giving you the instructions of how it to run an adventuring Guild or company in general

  5. Hey Andrew have you done a review of strongholds and followers? If not, I would be interested in hearing your prospective on it.

  6. If you're not familiar with the Acquisitions Incorporated podcast, streams, comics or role playing shows-
    You will not understand a lot of the references. You're intentionally left out of the loop. But as a secondary reward you do get some DM tools to help you run a corporate adventuring business.

    It's not appealing to me. I recieved the book today and it was damaged. I will gladly return this "Acq Inc" book. 1 out of 5 rating.

  7. The "jobs" are simpler to wrap your head around when you look at them for what they really are. They're the things certain players do at the table without really being asked by the other players or the DM.

    The hoardsperson is the player whose character always gets handed the bag of holding when the party finds their first bag of holding. The guy who basically volunteers to be quartermaster.

    Cartographer is the player who always draws out the maps of the dungeon in their own notebooks as the DM is describing them.

    The secretariate is the player that always keeps track of political moves and power plays among the npcs.

    The documancer is the player that tracks every single sidequest the party accepts.

    The occultant is the min max player who likes keeping track of kill death ratios.

    The obviator is the min max player who focuses on maximizing damage output and tracking monster weaknesses.

    The decisionist is the player who tracks what supplies the party needs and often runs the pc that haggles with the dm's favorite quest giver over the cost of the fort, castle, warship, or demiplane that serves as player HQ.

    They're basically an expansion of the 4 secondary jobs from the mmo Wild Star. One for players who play to socialize in towns and camps. One for those who play to explore. One for those who read every word of flavor text. And one for dps min maxers.

  8. which one is better for a DM who makes their own world & just wants to steal stuff: Acquisitions Incorporation or Strongholds & Followers?

  9. This sounds like a great thing to mash up with Out of the Abyss. You get so many joinable NPCs in that book. Would be cool to have them all be part of your upstart franchise in the Underdark.

  10. Aweful, aweful stuff. The single worst book in D&D history, and they made it FR canon. Argggh. A hoard of Woke Goblin/Chaos Beast hybrids running around Faerun making the Kender not seem so annoying by comparison. They could have done this with a really good company they understands the setting and produces quality content, none they went with Penny Arcade Instead.

  11. I could see incorporating some of these rules into an Eberron game themed around the Dragonmarked Houses. The party could start off as a small enclave for one of the Houses and then work their way up the corporate ladder.

  12. For a time I was addicted to a few webcomics. Penny arcade, vgcats, and a zombie web comic that is slipping my mind right now.

  13. From what I gather, the Company Positions are pretty much like the Prestige Classes, usually used for members of a Guild?

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