AirPods Pro Review – Apple Wins… Again

AirPods Pro are here and they are hands down the best wireless earbuds that I have ever used. With a great comfortable design, noise cancellation, good sound, a small case, and unmatched iOS integration, these are the wireless earbuds to beat, if anyone else possibly can.

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20 thoughts on “AirPods Pro Review – Apple Wins… Again

  1. Let me get something straight with u ignorant ass mf, Just because AirPods are the No#1 selling earbuds around the world don’t mean they the best option. The main reason they sell so well is because it integrates well with apple devices. They have other damn wireless earbuds that have better sound quality, don’t show as much, better battery life and noise isolation. The fact that apple is charching 250$ for these AirPods pro is pathetic. If you prefer being ignorant and trying to fit in with everybody else then you wouldn’t mind paying this much for the AirPods. Chances are you probably think they amazing. I rather not sacrifice sound quality and features over popularity and the apple ecosystem.

  2. Don’t get the airpods pro. The new jabra 75t are better in almost every way. The have 20 hours in the case and 7.5 hours on a single charge. Sound isolation and hear through. They have ip 55 water rating. They are much smaller and discret. They also provide much better sound including great call quality. The case is small and uses usb type c. Not only that but they automatically pair to your device after the first time.

  3. Thanks you answered the one question I had that no one else addressed which is how do they feel for people who hate in ear earbuds. Sounds like we're pretty similar in hating the poor comfort of that design choice and if you think the airpods have overcome this then that's a major win in itself and matters much more for me than other factor like bass and all that.

  4. Couldn't agree more with this review, great job Greg! Love your videos, they just keep getting better & better. Loving my new AirPods Pro (would have bought through an affiliate link but sadly they don't work in Canada). Tried the noise cancellation in my local Apple Store and was blown away. That's a really busy store and I couldn't hear anything, even with no music playing. Didn't know about the tip of tapping the case to see the charging status, thanks for that! Even if these don't last beyond the 2-3 year life span, I have enough wireless chargers that I could probably get many years out of these, especially since I'm really only using these for my commutes & working out.

  5. Another great review bud!

    Also, I didn’t know you were on the east coast. Thought you were out west. Or are you just visiting? If so, hello from across the river! 👋🏽

  6. I am jealous of all people who can plug earphones without falling them out the ears all the time. I don’t know if I am a alien, but no chance these stick in my ears.

  7. Great presentation video. Looks like great product, but I don’t understand one thing. Why Apple continuously fail to give to their customers the most important feature earbuds need to have. Great sound quality. The first feature every expensive earbuds must have, is the best possible sound quality. All the others come in second place. At least, that’s my opinion

  8. 35 cents a day for 2 years is roughly what you pay not bad for the convenience.
    Most tech disposable hopefully they keep improving so we can get 3-4 before the battery is a problem.

  9. Awesome review, Greg! You pointed out some small details that I haven't seen in other dozen review videos such as the wireless charging indicator and the lack-of-plastic that increases the level of comfort in the ear. I REALLY want these headphones now. Keep up the good work!

  10. I like them and think they would be great but I am still using wired earphones and headphones and not having to think about batteries or worry about more plastic waste is an advantage of wired. At some point I would love to see a rebuildable option.

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