AirPods Pro vs. Amazon Echo Buds

Apple’s AirPods Pro cost $249 and come with noise cancellation. But Amazon’s Echo Buds are $130 and have similar features. I compare these Bluetooth earbuds on everything from their fit, water resistance, sound quality and smart assistants: Siri and Alexa.

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40 thoughts on “AirPods Pro vs. Amazon Echo Buds

  1. What a ridiculous review. Why did you test using an iphone, at least use them with an Android phone as well. Your review should be titled what should Apple sheet buy. You did not do a sensible comparison of the products. I do wonder how much Apple pay CNET to push their products. Remember more PCs are sold and more Android phones are sold worldwide than Apple products.

  2. So it sounds like they are pretty close in functionality, but the echo buds are just over half the price. To pay double the price I would want more of an upgrade.

  3. Hey, Lexy. It would be great if you could mention whether you can have just one earbud in (and which one or either one) when you do these comparisons. Some of us use one at a time when we're at work so we can here our bosses yell at us.

  4. For the same price get the Galaxy buds instead of Ecobuds. Wireless charging, USB C, smaller design.
    I love the added comedy on this review👍.

  5. Amazon SUCKS. 50 light bulb for car, improperly made knockoff, causes $2500 in damage to the car. Amazon Customer Service: laughs in my face and says “we might be able to refund you the 50…. Ill check”

  6. Young beautiful lexi wouldn't have amazon products about me it would be like a set of earpods by Facebook all your information stored to sell you ads

  7. Another point to consider with totally wireless buds is. Most of the ones I've tried (apart from AirPods Pro) suffer from audio lag when watching videos. With the AirPods Pro, there is no audio lag in videos whatsoever. Also, a lot of totally wireless buds I've tried suffer from audio cutting out in one of the buds (due to most of them having a master/slave configuration in their operation). I've used the AirPods Pro since release day (in the exact same way that I used my other totally wireless buds which would suffer from audio cutting out at least two or three times per week). The AirPods Pro connection is rock solid, and they have great range. Apple have definitely nailed it with their H1 chip.

  8. I disagree that it would make sense for Apple to create a separate app like you commented on. Creating a standalone app to alter settings etc, is an extra step/app that is simply not needed. The beauty of the AirPods Pro settings is that it's all built into iOS, and as such it's part of the iPhone's software and is seamless.

  9. Ear buds always just fall out for some reason could never get them to stay in but AirPod just stay in do the pros fit like the non-pros?

  10. Why will you be comparing it to the airpods pro. Ofcourse the airpods pros are better. You have to compare to similar price earbuds. This make no sense

  11. i've bought an echo, fire tablet for my daughter, fire stick, and kindle paperwhite. all but the paperwhite are regretted. i will not buy more Amazon products ever. just saying, i wont buy apple products either. too many awesome options to limit myself to those two spectrums

  12. I've had my AirPods Pro for a week now and i'm blown away by how good they are. The sound, ANC and the transparency mode is just fantastic. And for me they are super comfortable and they stay in my ears really good. I can exercise and run without any problems. So for me they are totally worth it.

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