AirUnleashed 3 Station Qi Wireless Charger Review- Apple AirPower Alternative

Lisa Gade reviews the AirUnleashed Qi wireless charging mat that can charge 3 Qi-enabled devices at once: iPhone, Apple Watch and 2nd gen AirPods. Yes, it charges any Qi device, so Android phones and wireless charging earbuds like the Galaxy Buds are also supported. Since Apple never launched their AirPower wireless charging mat, this is a good alternative, and the price isn’t bad at $99. It’s available at . The iPhone 8 through iPhone 11 support wireless charging.


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31 thoughts on “AirUnleashed 3 Station Qi Wireless Charger Review- Apple AirPower Alternative

  1. If the terrible design of how the first Apple Pencil charged wasn’t proof enough, the fact Apple killed this project is proof Apple died with Jobs.

  2. I wouldn’t have minded at all if apple had done the same thing. mark spots where the device needs to go. maybe even a slight magnetic pull so u know the device is on there. would have meant less coils and maybe have solved the overheating issues. would have been nice cause of all the apple integration

  3. I still charge with the Qi charger that came free with my Lumia 920. How in 7 years the same tech went from free to $140 is beyond me.

  4. It's good that it's not fast wireless charging. Fast charging generates so much heat that it degrades batteries much quicker. Not to mention devices getting uncomfortably hot.

  5. This is cool. I kind of wish that the cable would be separate and not a part of the actual charging pad. That way it could be more easily installed into a custom furniture or if the cable dies for whatever reason you could replace it.

  6. Huh! Interesting! I don't have a phone that does wireless charging (iPhone SE – at least, AFAIK? lol.), but that's cool! Good for people who travel a lot and/or have a lot of devices! lol.

  7. So this $$$, and charging insane prices replacing broken glass backs, are the real reason for wireless charging.
    No thanks, I will use the normal AC brick, as they both plug into the wall after all with a wire.

  8. great review. I would note that one of the best reasons to use a multi-unit wireless charger like that is traveling. A single wall adapter and a single cable and you can charge you and your significant other's phones + a smartwatch simultaneously, or since I mostly travel alone, my phone + my smartwatch. If you use a good wall adapter and a USB-C-based wireless charger, you can then power your laptop or tablet with the same adapter and cable–really cuts down on what you need to travel with.

  9. As nice as that is, I've found better luck using 3 Samsung 10,000 mAmp battery packs with Qi fast charging….then when I need an external battery, 3 are always available. At about 43 bucks a piece or $130 it just worked better for my particular needs. Your review was flawless as always. 🙂

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