An Honest iPad Mini 5 Review

I got my first iPad back in 2011 and I was keen to try out the new iPad Mini 5 with the Apple A12 processor and support for the Apple Pencil (1st Gen). Was I disappointed or pleasantly surprised? Find out in my honest iPad Mini 5 review.

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43 thoughts on “An Honest iPad Mini 5 Review

  1. I love my iPad Pro, but prefer the iPad mini for on-the-go use…I don't want to lug the bigger device around, and risk such an expensive item. Mini has plenty of power for getting work going.

  2. I like your review. You presented a different angle at using the ipad experience. I have been Android users all my life. I just learn from you about the saving file problems. :D. Thanks Gary. I think Apple got carried away with all the Apple image hypes.

  3. Excellent, I hope from Apple are listening so they can update these issues you did noted. I just got a mini 5, don't really need it, just wanted ….

  4. I share your frustrations with iOS. In fact, I have more that you don't even mention (for example, in iOS, you can't select any other browser as your default. It MUST be Safari). In the tablet game, though, are there really any other viable choices? All the other tech critics go on & on about how Android tablets are all but dead (I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S from a few years ago which can't even BOOT now, and which they won't support. That device BARELY got updates then, and if I bought a new one, it probably wouldn't now, either), how there are almost no proper Android tablet apps, etc. I'm still considering the iPad Mini 5 for its comfortable screen size, and to keep 1 toe in the iOS world, so I know what's going on. I just have to limit my expectations. What might you suggest as an alternative to this?

  5. It’s August 18 when you did the review and it’s August 26 as I’m reading it. I was expecting you to breakout with iPadOS which I am running on my iPad mini 5. It has been very stable for a long time now while bugs get ironed out. Working with files is much improved and handling downloaded PDFs is much better. Same with moving files around. Plus, you can work with flash/thumb drives too (some usb devices require external power over the lightning port). As for the pencil….it is not for everyone, which is why you buy it separately. If you can’t find anything to do with the pencil, that is the result of how you run your life. Just don’t buy one. Many of us find ways to use it to our benefit. The idea of carrying around a pad and paper in 2019 is rather old fashioned as it then requires you to keep track of paper. Information stored in notes on an iPad can then be used on your iPhone and on other Apple devices which frees you from the need to keep track of a bunch of notes. I guess some of us are lost in time and like to spend our days keeping track of silly bits of paper. And don’t you dare be a student, artist, or just someone who wants to improve and expand ones self. I actually give lectures on mine and can open a blank page and work math problems right there on the spot, something that is all but impossible to do with a finger. I suppose it is really hard for an Android geek to imagine that there are those who actually do things he doesn’t do. And I could go on about the greater range of things one can done on a platform that has really great apps (like edit 4K video, which that pencil is quite useful for) but since you are stuck in the camera app bitching about its limitations that would be quite pointless (and why are you even in the damn camera app – no one takes pictures on an iPad (even those that is actually a useful thing to do on the models with good camera – much better for seeing focus on the larger screen). Why am I wasting my time on someone who defines productivity by moving files around? That is so 1980!

  6. android guy here also, besides the first gen ipod touch back in the day i have never owned an apple product before. but now i have the ipad mini 5. i bought it just for the hardware, really amazingly product, 4:3 high dpi screen, most powerful mobile processor on the planet, light, thin, has those awesome bezels that doesn’t make it awkward when held, but BOY IOS IS SHIT, and I mean absolute garbage. i can’t beam a photo via bluetooth in 2019? i have no decent file explorer? really if i could put android on it it would be the perfect tablet, but it’s just great hardware with bad software.

  7. To each their own.. but i have been using tablets(mostly ipads) since the first ipad.. for almost all my social things as soon as i am in my house… in general, i use my laptop for office productivity(work related) and my desktop for serious gaming (mmo) and the ipads in different sizes for almost everything else… and with ipados13 comming up, i will replace my laptop with an 11” ipad pro when that release with the a13x chipset early 2020..

    To me an ipad is the most versatile device, even more so then my iphone

  8. I was going to go into a whole thing about how Android notifications are no better, if not worse, than on iOS, but all I'm gong to say is: Why the hell would you not want notifications to appear on screen?!! That's literally what a notification is supposed to do! it's meant to notify you of something, not sit in the background until you check it yourself!
    If you want to stop notifications, use do not disturb.

    I completely agree about the files app, but it's pretty much completely fixed in iOS 13 and iPadOS, so not really an issue anymore.

  9. Most of the file issues should get sorted when the new iPadOS releases . Not sure how much the pencil functionality will increase though…

  10. Yes the DL situatn is confuwing and non intiirive. The circumstaance says the correct answer to tirst question is save to Boos. And Books is ios native pdf reader?

  11. it's funny how he says he got limitations on an iOS device but not on Android device but none of his limitations were a limitation it was just his complaint. notifications appear on my Android device the same way they do on my iOS device so I guess he doesn't know what he's talking about.any limitations that are on the iOS device are on an Android device. I wish some of these people would know what they're talking about before they actually do review and actually try to convince you not to buy me any Android tablets and I'll show you an iPad that can do it just as well or better.

  12. The pencil has pressure sensitivity and tilt along with seriously fast speed, stuff you can’t do with your finger (generally speaking)
    My mother is an artist and she likes the pencil with her giant iPad Pro because she is more of a hand artist than computer graphics art (although she does that too)

  13. How do you transfer files on Android?
    You long press or press add in a folder
    Yes, you can add folders easier in Android but most people want PDFs to go to their favorite PDF reader

  14. I’m sorry but I edit full videos on my iPad just using iMovie which is free (value) and there is no great equivalent to that on the Fire HD
    The settings thing has definitely always confused me though

  15. If soon to be launched iPadOS is competent enough to replace my laptop, im ready to ditch my laptop. Thank god iPadOS will have mouse/cursor support.

  16. This product looks so nice I think I will buy it for the monthly payment here in USA so I can do some of my screen recording videos!

  17. I am not an artist and use the pencil all the time for notes. The thing about paper is it doesn't sync with all of my devices. Your assessment of the pencil and the entire device is problematic, and has an odor of unfiltered bias. I am an IOS user and I'm used to using the systems you mention and with few exceptions I am not frustrated by any of it. When I get on an Android device, it feels foreign and confusing. That is not because there is anything wrong with Android, i am just not comfortable with it due to lack of experience.

    The question is, does the Ipad mini's hardware warrant the investment. You don't like IOS and that is ok, but for most potential buyers that will not be an issue.

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