[Animation Runningman] Ep.36 The Red Explosion

Ep.36 The Red Explosion

Running Man player now look for ways to stand against the conspiracy behind the championship.
Liu is immensely shocked and upset to meet his sister, but restores courage thanks to his friends.
On the other hand, Charming Gold gets mad that his plans went wrong and presses ahead with even more dangerous plans…

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40 thoughts on “[Animation Runningman] Ep.36 The Red Explosion

  1. I think the spelling of liu s sister is shaun cause if the spelling is shawn its like shawn mendez you know the writer of the song named senorita

  2. (Hugs Liu) Shhh… there there buddy…there there… it’s going to be okay…..
    Liu: (Sniffs and hugs back).


  3. Can you make a seasob where gai and miyo finally be a couple please i ship them oh and when your done uploading all the episodes in s1 can u make s2?

  4. Myghad what happened then?? I cant wait! Are they regaining back their conscious as them?? Or they will be more evil?

  5. 9:04
    What an inspirational and heartwarming message message from the runner-up of the Bug Tribe! Don't ever underestimate the hearts of the Running Men!

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