40 thoughts on “AP VLADIMIR vs AD VLADIMIR FIGHTS & More!

  1. ah yeah ap vlad byus morellos but ad vlad doesnt buy executioners??? wtf why + ad has flash exhaust so no ign for the same effect

  2. Kết quả quá rõ ràng. Chỉ đánh thường thì AD thắng chắc
    Còn dùng thêm skill thì AD thua. Build đồ như vậy nữa thì ko có cửa. Chống lại bọn hồi máu mà ko đúc Lời Nhắc Tử Vong :))

  3. AD Vlad makes zero sense, his q animation completely hinders your use of auto attacks., your w is kind of awkward to use and same as q, it doesn't let you auto attack, nor does his e, so while you're charging your minimalistic damage, the enemy adc gets off 5 auto attacks on you. And the fact that his abilities cost health, that will hurt you a lot without extra q heal.

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