49 thoughts on “Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro hands-on

  1. I'm just looking forward to the 14". I've been wanting a 14" ever since going from my garbage 14" Dell to a 13" Macbook 11 years ago- which I still use daily believe it or not. It seems this update, with the slightly body and different cooling system, leads me to believe we won't be getting a full refresh model cycle next year.. maybe the following year? Makes little sense to put in new changes like the screen, body size, cooling, etc if they're only going to use it for one year.

  2. Why didn't Apple release the 14" to replace the 13"? If I purchase the 16", and next year, the 14" gets released, I don't want to regret purchasing the 16". Now, I need to wait 6 more months to make a comparison.

  3. I would agree this would be the best laptop on the market, but I find the fact that there is only USB-C ports really annoying. I record videos with Elgato, and that uses a USB connector, along with a mic that is also a usb only. Oh well, I've got a few USB-C to USB dongles. Simple fix.

  4. No SD Card reader 🙁
    Front Camera still 720p 30fps 🙁
    No Touch screen or OLED display 🙁
    NO Wi-Fi 6 🙁
    T2 with the same multiple crashes in the past :(, where is the T3?
    So in Conclusion let's wait for the 2020 Model. just saying..

  5. While it is a major improvement over the old 15" model, Apple missed on one thing: no WiFi 6 (802.11ax) support. If Apple can put in WiFi 6 support on the new iPhone 11 models, they could have easily put in WiFi 6 support on the new MacBook Pro.

  6. My guess about apples future product line: they will sell a 14" macbook air and pro instead of the 13" and add a macbook air 12" (they had some years ago also a 11" macbook air, thats why i guess they will put a 12" macbook air soon)

  7. Thanks for the video. The one question none of the early reviewers are answering but should is would this be a viable alternative to the iMac Pro?? Thoughts?

  8. Why do all these reviews spend so much time talking about the same thing? Specs, they mention specs, specs and more specs. I can read all the specs on Apple's website. I wish these reviewers would actually talk about the unit they're reviewing and not so much on specs. Geez……..

  9. I was too bored to watch past 4 minutes. It’s a laptop ….amazing…..not worth the cost imo and I’m an iPhone and iPad Pro user daily. I wouldn’t buy a MacBook ever.

  10. Never understood the apple thing…. Over priced on all there tech…there ear buds costs them 6 bucks to make and sell them for what? People's loyalty to Apple is just ridiculous I bet you have to pay extra to get an external card reader? Am I right?

  11. Still got those sharp edge, very irritating on the wrists to rest on. Feels Like a stop gap measure (be that the fastest one they have ever released) before they do a complete redesign for the APPLE ARM based processor.

  12. Another Apple computer but it’s still the same look so basically the same I mean come on Apple trillion dollar company let’s start redesigning already you have the money to do it and charge us customers premium money smh

  13. I love how apple is selling the ESCAPE key on their website as a USP "A dedicated Escape key allows quick switching between modes and views."

  14. And Safari is STILL not capable of handling 4k or 1440p video content. It's 2019 and I still can't watch a 4k YouTube video using Safari.

  15. Apple truly nailed the pricing of these new MacBook pros. People were anticipating the prices to be be in late 2000’s somewhere between 2800-3000 but starting at the same price point and offering double the base capacity, reliable keyboard, better speakers and even a greater graphical computation is a really sweet deal.

  16. Yes, thank you for mentioning the missing SD slot. If they could have reverted to a 2015-type keyboard then why not bring the SD slot back too?

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