Apple Arcade Gameplay Review: Canada & US Games

Apple Arcade gameplay review for Canada and US games that are available in the service. Review: Coming Soon
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#AppleArcade gameplay review showcasing a number of titles available on the service while going over what it does provide for the cost. That’s the US Pricing, Canada Pricing and the Apple Arcade best games to try out. There are many titles at the launch, and it’s nice to see a curated selection of well developed releases to play. The following titles are played: Sonic Racing, Way of the Turtle, Hot Lava, Frogger, Skate City and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

This is a monthly subscription that has games which are ad free, and have no additional microtransactions. You can use traditional touch on the various games, or use a regular gamepad for some such as the Xbox One or Playstation 4 Dualshock IOS 13 update option with Bluetooth. See the games, and experience what the Apple Arcade gameplay has for you.



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  1. Apple Arcade Gameplay Review: Canada & US Games. Generally going over thoughts of the setup and then playing a number of games available. Hub:

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