27 thoughts on “Apple Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

  1. I own a iPhone 11 and decided this was the case to show off my new phone but protect it also. It’s brilliant.

  2. This case arrived today by mail. It came in a small package. It was so light, it was hard to imagine there was anything in it. Anyway, upon seeing the case, I immediately packed it back up, drove to the nearest Apple store to get a refund. I wasn’t going to use a cheaply made $1.99 case that I paid $42 bucks for my $1400 ProMax 11. This case sucks! Better cases out there for less. Spigen and Otterbox to name a few.

  3. My only fear is that the clear case will collect dirt between the case and the phone and after some time it will scratch the actual phone. Does it happen with this case? Cause till now I have used the silicone cases from Apple but I would really like a clear case on my 11 pro. What do you think ? Does the scratches from dust in between scratch the actual iPhone over time?

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