Apple: Game Over

Apple Watch Series 5:
Apple Watch Series 4:
Alongside the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple also released the Apple Watch Series 5. Aside from the always-on-display, there weren’t many changes from the Apple Watch Series 4. I’ve been using the Apple Watch Series 5 for a month now, let’s go over what’s good and what’s not so good.

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47 thoughts on “Apple: Game Over

  1. The guy around 7:00 mark, yeah that was my story. I was on the 2 and then the 3. I skipped 4 but the always on display… I had to have that. It made my watch a watch! I stick with iPhone because of Apple Watch 😅

  2. Keeps telling how far ahead it is of competition but doesn't say what it does better. Far ahead because it can reply to notifications or track heart rate? 🤷‍♂️

  3. Loved my series 4 which was my first Apple Watch, glad I’m not the only one who has been having issues with the series 5

  4. My Series 4 LTE is the main reason I stay with Apple. I have used several smart watches and the other company’s aren’t even close. The watch is an amazing product. Don’t get me wrong their are flaws but nothing that is a deal breaker.

  5. Im hard apple fan, I have MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, I use all apple services like Apple Arcade, Apple Music, cloud 200gb storage etc. BUT! In my opinion Apple Watch not really good, and not worth it. Im rocking Samsung gear s3 classic, and its perfect, big screen, 3 day battery life, ability to make and receive calls, remote control music, sport tracking, sleep tracking, always on display and many many real useful features. And when youtubers say "Apple Watch way ahead of competitors" Im not agree! Just use Samsung gear s3 classic with iPhone for one week, and u will understand what im talking about (sorry for bad English)

  6. Can you please not carpet your videos with BGM? It gets REALLY annoying after a point of time. Maybe just fade it out when you speak? Please?

  7. Turns off app background processing and turns off the noise meter, BUT doesn't turn off the always on display which is would have made it essentially a Series 4. Which you wanted Jon.

  8. Sticking with the AWS4. This was my first AW and probably my last. I love the functionality but hate the square design. I hope Apple makes a traditional round face AW next year.

  9. will series 5 LTE purchased from USA work in INIDA? iPhone E-Sim works in INDIA if purchased from USA!! Aso, Great Video!! THANKS!

  10. I had the Series one for years and it was great. Just used it as a regular watch and never had any problems with it. I just upgraded to a series 4 and what a difference. I used the exercise modes and it keeps track of things better, the screen is bigger, and now that my fiancé has the series 4 as well we can walkie talkie each other. Love the series 4, definitely did not need the series 5.

  11. I was able to drastically increase my battery life by only turning off wrist detection. If you don’t care about getting your heart rate all day long, this gave me oodles of battery life left.

    I still have raise to wake, decibel meter, and always on display turned on. I finish the day at around 50%

    If I turn on wrist detection, I finish the day around 15%

    If I turn off always on display, I ended the day around 70%.

  12. The software on Apple watch is nice(they will make the series 5 software better over time) and the always-on display is finally making it a real watch. But the design >< is not for me. Any sort of design can be made so it is easy to recognize but for the square is too much its an arm turd.

  13. I'm currently using a series 1 (which is a replacement form Apple for my old 1st generation when the charging plate came off that), I think I'll probably upgrade to a second hand series 4 rather than a series 5.

  14. I fkn hate this YouTuber's video. Used to like him. Now he is no good than click baiters with no original concept. Unsubscribing right now.

  15. I had the same issue with my series 4 on watchOS 6. Managed to fix it with unpairing the watch and setting it up as new. Restore to default and clean install didn't work, only the unpairing did.

  16. I did my own little review on this. I enjoy it so much. From using the watch from 3 times a week or not wearing it at all, to wearing it every day all day. It’s a true watch now, which has been my biggest complaint since 2015.

  17. Apple Watch became like an iPad.

    Too good and destroyed all the competitors.

    It's not good because competition makes products better.

    And Series 5 has the same CPU as 4, so Series 6 must be faster and even better.

    It's a shame the amount of RAM is unknown. RAM defines its longevity.

    I assume CPU is now as fast as iPhone 5s, and RAM is 1GB.

    I'd say when CPU gets 2 times faster than Series 4/5, which is about the same as 6s, Apple would put 2GB RAM.

    That will be when I buy it.

    I hope we can use Geekbench app on Apple Watch to see all the specs.

  18. Coming from an ourdoorsie person, who has a garmin fenix for tracking these kurdoor activities, I think apple is trying to tap into that market with the compass, as the ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) function is a basic one for the outdoor smart watches. I never considered the apple watch, eventhough I have an ipad iphone and mac, just because the basic outdoor tracking funcionalitites were lacking, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

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