Hello BeautyIn4C Fam,in today’s video i will be doing the#Appleipadpro12.9inch2018case unboxing/review.This Ipad pro case was sent to me to review and it is a pretty cool&inepensive case for your apple ipad.It is also very sturdy &clear to show off your device.

Hope you enjoy watching the video to the end.

Thankyou for watching&God Bless you all.

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25 thoughts on “APPLE IPAD Pro 12.9inch CASE 2018 UNBOXING/REVIEW

  1. My kids keep telling me now that I'm a content creator I need apple products! Cute case! I usually stick to the clear cases.

  2. I am not liking the cover for t, it does not seem like it can provide enough protection. I do like the larger screen. Much success to you!

  3. I love the thin iPad..looks so cute..I have an old one but I still like it coz I can google stuffs and watch YouTube .The case is super cute too.Thanks for sharing this with us

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