Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review – PROven after 2 months?!

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I think the last time I truly loved an iPhone, we were still not even reviewing them. Apple’s iPhone 4 was such a dramatic leap from anything else out there, that it got me to switch. The design was bold, the Retina Display was fantastic, but what really sold me on it was the camera. See, in 2010, smartphone cameras were terrible, and especially for video. The iPhone 4 was the first to take this seriously, so much so that some of the photos and 720p footage I have of my children is still looking great today.

Trusting any device with your memories is a big deal. I don’t think I ever reached that level of confidence with Android until the Galaxy S6 a whopping 5 years later, but then the tables turned. iPhones still owed video, but photos became Android territory. And let’s face it, the last three generations of Google Pixel were enough to have Apple playing catch up… at least until now.

This is the iPhone 11 Pro. What Apple dubs as Pro Performance, Pro Cameras, Pro Everything. And true, lately the word Pro gets tossed around a lot, and yet, this is the first time that I can actively say that I don’t just trust an iPhone with my memories, but also some of my work load.

Yes, I know that’s shocking to hear from a guy like me, which is why I took so long to test this phone. I just couldn’t believe that history finally repeated itself. The last time I felt this way about an iPhone was 9 years ago, so bare with me as I tell you why. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this is what using an iPhone 11 Pro feels like for more than two month.


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29 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review – PROven after 2 months?!

  1. Hi, good presentation, I own an iPhone 11 Pro and I am very satisfied from all points of view, I also had the larger version iPhone xs Max but this year I decided to go on the smaller and easier to use with one hand, all good Mr. Jaime Rivera.

  2. Lit. the first guy complaining about Pro's battery life, big or small. Sample size suggests you might be doing something wrong xD

  3. Currently using iP 11 Pro Max .. after using ip6 !! And finally i feel that this new chip and camera are so amazing!!! I’m gonna use this phone for a long term😁👍🏽👍🏽

  4. I have a question people have problem for calling iPhone 11 pro a "pro" but they don't have problem with OnePlus 7 pro or OnePlus 7t pro , it also has "pro" in it's name and people has problem with iPhone 11's camera bump but Google pixel 4 has same bump ?????????? I don't know why so much hate for ???????

  5. Hi thanks for this review. I own 11 pro max but my concern is when i charge my phone from given charger it gets heated is it normal or any fault.

  6. I wish Apple would include 25 and 50 fps when shooting videos for users who live in PAL regions, the unavoidable light flickering is not professional.

  7. 2020 Wish: customizable icon arrangements. iPen inside the phone. Selfie led flash. 128gb starting memory. Xr size. Less notch or no notch at all. Scratch proof built quality. 120 refresh rate. (Iphone 11 pro owner) i love iphone. ♥️♥️

  8. Stop the video just to comment that Galaxy 6 by far blew the iPhone out the hemisphere in terms of picture quality. If you never had both and just use one phone brand don’t argue!

  9. So the display isn’t all that, google has 90hz & the Note 10+ display is objectively better. If you also use an iPad Pro of boy, as the iPhone 11 feels even more like its being held back.. like the iPad. But the build quality does give a mass production premium feel tho.

  10. Tbh I’m with my 7 with 32gb. I’m only using up like 18gb and I have a decent amount of apps so I’m not really worried about storage

  11. I'm seriously considering getting the new iPhone. Just can't decide whether I want to get the 11 or the 11 pro max. 🤷

  12. I used to have a huwaei p20 lite and I switched to the 11 pro 2 weeks ago. I’m the happiest person alive it’s a leap

  13. Watching on my iPhone 8 Plus. I’m crossed between getting a OnePlus 7T or goin for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’ve had my iPhone 8 Plus since launch day so 2 years ago and honestly I can’t complain for performance since the A11 Bionic still kicks ass but I still have a home button and the more phones come out the more my iPhone 8 Plus looks like an old TV box 😂 I want more screen to body ratio!!

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