Apple iPhone SE 2 FUTURE RENAMED iPhone mini!👍

Millions of fans of Apple technology around the world have been waiting for the release of iPhone SE for several years. The lightweight and budget version of high-quality smartphones in the iPhone 5 has set the trend to satisfy a particular group of people who value both good smartphones and savings. However, despite all the rumors surrounding the wait, Apple stubbornly kept silence about the iPhone SE 2, and it seemed to forever bury this experiment. However, on March 27, 2019, it became known from insiders that the smartphone was in development, but could come out under a different name.
iPhone mini So, according to the leak, instead of iPhone SE 2, users can very soon get a sequel, called iPhone mini. According to an insider, Apple’s marketing leadership is leaning toward such a more concise and precise name. At least, this is exactly the way the limited series of rebranding was discussed at one of the meetings of the Apple Board of Directors, some anonymous employees of the company admit, which can speak in favor of the rumor about the renaming. #mini #iPhone #SE2
The latest leak also confirms the input of the smartphone this year, as well as bringing its interface and display to the current trends in iPhone design. So, having received the Face ID and the conditional framelessness, the iPhone mini will be doomed to the realization of a “bang” – a large cutout in the upper part of the screen, similar to the iPhone X and the following models. However, to the delight of fans, the smartphone will retain its former dimensions and the iPhone 5 case, having changed only from the display and in terms of hardware, which will be approximately at the level of the iPhone 7.iPhone mini 1 The novelty is rumored to come in three colors: gold and gray, and also SE 2 ascribed protection against water and dust according to the IP67 standard. However, each of the facts about this smartphone was called an anonymous insider, which may turn out to be just a fake, but the reality of the development of iPhone mini accurately confirms the Amazon store, which has already started selling accessories for a novelty.


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