Apple iPhone XR vs OnePlus 7 Pro

Apple iPhone XR vs OnePlus 7 Pro! In this video we fully compare Apple’s latest premium budget phone the iPhone XR to OnePlus 7 Pro with the intentions of helping you decide which is going to be the right device for you!

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30 thoughts on “Apple iPhone XR vs OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. Alright listen up. If I was anyone else I would probably buy OnePlud 7 Pro without question, BUT personally I just like how polished the IOS system is, Especially with Ios 13 it works so well and everything is polished SO I’m going with iPhone Xr. But if that’s not that big of a deal to you I would definitely pick up the OnePlus 7 Pro

  2. I have been on OnePlus since OnePlus 5 but curved glass on 7Pro killed it for me. Now I am stuck with 1+6. A curve screen adds 0 value to functionality but does decreases productivity and makes the phone more delicate. IMHO.

  3. Kudos for the unbiased review. I think at this stage a new OnePlus 7 Pro vs used XS Max could be an interesting comparison too.

  4. Nick on my OnePlus 7 pro my dual speakers are about the same loudness, now the bottom might be just a hair louder, that's weird when I heard u say that the bottom is way louder, I think there might be something wrong with your ear piece speaker, now I've only had mine now for a couple weeks and I absolutely love it, a little better than my s10 +

  5. 90hz is only active on the home screen and app drawer. It is not active in apps whatsoever. Also, if you like gaming, the GPU in the XR absolutely demolishes the GPU in the oneplus.

  6. iphones hahahaha real innovative stuff. such garbage. my one plus 7 pro is the best phone ive ever owned. i traded my s10 for it

  7. Though I have the XR the OnePlus 7 Pro is very appealing. Very much appreciate your presentation.

    FYI: the background music of the drum (or whatever instrument it is) is extremely annoying, distracting, adding zero to your excellent presentation. Please be aware we came here to hear you not music. Many folks have hearing difficulties thus with background music while the speaker is talking, the audience must fight the background noise. Music in the beginning and end is okay, when you are talking it is never okay. Notice, preachers, professors, folks giving talks, business presentations, and the like, when they are talking they never play music. Reason, they want their audience completely understanding that which is being stated.

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