21 thoughts on “Apple TV+ First Impressions | Reviewing The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind, Dickinson

  1. I got apple tv + for may macbook pro and now realize there is no app for my computer so I only can see 6 movies, can't change or select beside that.

  2. 6 episodes past For All Mankind and its amazing! I loved it. Definitely the best I watched this year behind Chernobyl.
    Also Morning show is a close #3, phenomenal drama

  3. I bought a new iPad on Amazon. The one year did not show up for free for me either. But after calling Apple and sitting with customer service for about an hour, they gave it to me via a gift code. Try that!

  4. each of these shows are way better than what their pilots suggests, it's kinda rare, but true… and yes the catalogue is thin , but it's only new content.. and every month they'll be new shows… i was not attracted by it, i got it for free for a year with an ipad, no issues, and i'm quite surprised by the overall quality, specially For all Mankind, Morning Show

  5. I’m pretty sure that it did not apply to any new iPhone or iPad purchased. The 1 year promotion only applied to any of the latest Apple iPhones and iPads purchased and the iPads had to be iPad Pro.

  6. Have newly bought MacBook Pro and despite multiple attempts, I could not get the free one year to Apple Tv+. I called TV+ support twice and they couldn’t get me the free sign up. Finally Apple gave me a free one year redeem code that works. So I had your experience too. Frustrating.

  7. I recently bought a Mac and a new IPad put my password and Apple TV work right away. Can’t help you because I didn’t do any out of the ordinary..

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