32 thoughts on “Apple TV Plus Review (2019)

  1. Apple: Do you like Apples?

    Netflix: I've got hundreds of movies and tv shows and original programming. How do you like them apples?

  2. Is it supposed to work only on my new iPhone11? I tried to watch the morning show on my MacBook Air, and it would not work, the play button won’t do anything??

  3. HBOmax>>>>>
    BUT don’t underestimate Apple’s ability to dominate in the future. Look at Apple Music. Pretty lacklustre and slow start and now it’s second to Spotify and king in the US. I think Apple TV+ has the ability to grow and only get better. I mean, it will only take one show like Stranger Things on ATV, to get some sort of traction.

  4. Major fail launch.. they should have launched with 10 series and 10 movies at least… really nothing to watch.🤦‍♂️

  5. I mean when I bought my 11 pro I got it free for a year that’s the only reason I’m watching this becuase I couldn’t find a damn thing to watch

  6. I almost never make comments on youtube in general, but @IGN how the *** is it fair or even logical to compare services that have been out for weeks to ones that have been well established for years!!!!!?

  7. There are great options that include all of the shows ever made and all the new content in these streming services + a nice interface – Popcorn Time, Stremio & others

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