Apple Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch Active 2

Let’s compare the Apple Watch Series 5 with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in every area, from battery life to smart features, health and fitness tracking to design. I’ve worn both these watches for several weeks to help you find the best option, whether you use Android or iOS.

Check to see if your carrier supports LTE on the Galaxy Watch Active 2:

Check to see if your carrier supports LTE on the Apple Watch Series 5:

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31 thoughts on “Apple Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch Active 2

  1. Apple watch : Expensive as Always
    Me : Is It funny that your watch is more Expensive Than Your Phone

  2. I have an iphone and still got a galaxy watch, I find it useful for music and calling, also much cheaper and better feeling then apple watch

  3. I say that I prefer the active 2. But if you have an iphone, buy the apple watch and if you have a samsung, buy a samsung.👍👍

  4. I have the galaxy note 10 plus, so I think I'll go get an apple watch. Seriously this is so stupid. Apple watch isn't gonna work on android and vice versa android wont work well on iOS. So this video is just about freaking worthless.

  5. If both watches could be used on the phones then it would be…Apple Watch by far, Tizen is better then Wear Os but the Apple Watch is about as superior as the ipad pros are to the competition. Now iPhones on the other hand are debatably worse then the competition.

  6. If only samsung work with google jointly to make ONE GREAT WATCH…
    The storage is small and apps are lacking, yet the features are really awesome, love it that samsung is generous enough to let their products work perfectly with its competitors like iphone

  7. If you have iPhone get an Apple Watch even if you have to put up with the worst battery life of any smartwatch in existence…… and that's BEFORE you enable AOD. If you have an Android phone, well, lucky you, you can have a watch that looks like a watch, has great capabilities and a battery life of 2 days WİTH AOD on or 3 days without AOD. Some people get almost 4 days depending on their settings.

  8. Galaxy active 2 does so much more then an apple watch can. Just like the note 10 can do way more then the iPhone . Apple always lagging behind

  9. Definitely, Samsung. Looks better, round, and has more features. Not to mention having the always on display that's been out for a few years on the gear, (I know, I have the gear S2 sport, and the gear S3 classic) and apple JUST NOW came up with this..

  10. Lol at this lady, she said it at the end. The only thing that matters is what phone you have.

    Completely pointless video….

  11. There's no doubt there's certain things Apple does better. But that square design ⬜ it just looks like a digital watch teens used in the 90s before getting a real watch .

    Hoping that Google Wear gets a killer watch soon.

  12. Cutie Pie you make a lot of gaffes to begin with its BIXBY & not S-Voice, the rotating thingy on the side of the Kiddi zoomish Apple watch is called Half-Pie Chart & not Ring based system

  13. Galaxy watch has SOS , in which you can call emergency services or someone you place in emergency contacts….hit the button twice

  14. Galaxy active 2 with continuous heart rate and pressure monitoring, AOD can last two days. If you remember to turn on good night mode, you got 3 days.

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