Apple Watch Series 1 in 2019 – Is It Worth Buying?

What’s up guys, TheTechPerson here and today in this video, we are going to answer the question: Is it worth buying an Apple Watch Series 1 in 2019?

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17 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 1 in 2019 – Is It Worth Buying?

  1. Hey great video!
    I am thinking of buying the Apple Watch Series 1, and im thinking of getting it second hand, how much should i be paying for a second hand Apple Watch Series 1? And is the Apple watch series 1 good enough if i'm mainly going to use it for my fitness tracking.

  2. Well I want to buy this watch but I scare of Watch in Raining. How do you think of that?

    Thank you, and great video!

    (Sorry for Bad English)

  3. I have series 1 but idont update to en watchos 5.0 , restart IPhone X (12.2) and Watch and the same , dont update . Helpppp, thanks .

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