Apple Watch Series 5 Hands On Review [Filmed on iPhone 11 Pro 🤮]

Apple Watch 5 is THE BEST WATCH EVER and in this review we take you through the whole package – what it’s like working out with it, all the apps you get, what’s in the box, its radiation levels and more.

Apple Watch Pros
+ Looks Beautiful
+ Now features an always-on display
+ Great health features

Apple Watch Cons
– Radiation levels are high
– Interface is fiddly
– Requires an iPhone

Dr Nora’s Channel:
Health Features of Apple Watch 4:
iPhone 11 Pro Fitness:
iPhone 11 Pro Camera:
Is 5G Safe?:

Apple Watch 5:
iPhone 11 Pro:
Sony A6400:
RF Protection Underwear (COUPON: EMFNUTS15):

Non-ionizing radiation has been scientifically linked to the reduction of testosterone, memory loss, learning ability and even cancer in rats[1][2]. To learn more about the risks of cell phone radiation, I recommend an excellent talk[3] from Dr Devra Davis[4] (Served on the US Presidential Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board)


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  1. I watched your video on getting windows 10 on incompatible Mac's but I had some troubles you may have forgotten about it but I would like some help with fixing it because I have an important project I have, this is the video I followed the steps until your computer restarts and you can begin setting up windows but my screen just says No bootable device — instert boot disk and press any key I tried holding alt but it won't work. Any helpful thoughts

  2. Great video. What prison did you escape from? The audio monitor will be awesome so you can do workers comp and sue your workplace for industrial deafness.

    Mate your gonna hurt yourself doing beach curls like that

  3. Dude… Your shirt. It looks silly. You need either tailor made or a size bigger. Throw in a tie. You'll be a step above all other tech reviewers. Pick up an Omega Speedmaster to wear also.

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